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23 September 2014 headshop review is a UK based online headshop stocking various items from bongs to cannabis seeds. They also operate out of a warehouse in North West London allowing for in person collection of items. Since we weren’t close enough to use this, we stuck to their online service and ordered a few items to test them out.



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Now it might not be the most attractive site you will have ever seen and adopts a pretty simple look, but this shouldn’t put you off. What they lack in style they have in selection. They store a vast array of items to choose from which should suit whatever you are looking from. They have the everyday items such as papers and lighters to the much expensive items such as bongs and pollen presses.

Each section of the site is pretty well set out and you can usually find what your looking for with relative ease. Some of the more obscure items are harder to find being hidden inside a few sub menus. However the quick find function on the site helps to make this a bit easier.

Our order was handled quickly and efficiently and was brought for a pretty good price, the one downside on price is the postage which can be a bit expensive for those low value purchases. The Items were quickly dispatched and arrived within a couple of days. The packaging was relatively discreet so if you are looking for a bit of stealth shipping you shouldn’t have much issue with this service.

Overall the site has a fantastic stock and is well maintained. Although there was a couple of downsides with postage costs and difficulty of finding certain items, the company did do a pretty good job. We are giving a 8/10 and would highly recommend them to those in the UK, we cannot comment on their international shipping since we only tried the domestic shipping. If you found this review helpful then please leave a comment below!

15 September 2014

Smoking De Luxe Rolling Papers

Smoking papers are a well established brand which offers various types, sizes and prices to suit anyone’s needs. We recently got our hands on a packet of their De Luxe King Size slim papers in order to try them out. The De Luxe papers promise to be ultra thin and slow burning which is the ideal type for us. However as we commonly find out, brands don’t always live up to their promises.

The papers come as standard with 33 leaves per pack and measure to the pretty standard size for king size slim. While this is our preferred size of papers, they also offer them in rips, cones and regular papers so should match your needs. The papers are nice and thin but don’t really live up to the ultra thin branding.



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The papers roll with relative ease, however we did have a problems in this area. This was that we found a few of the papers in each pack to be inside out. In other words the gum was on the opposite side from the crease. This resulted in us wasting a few papers in each pack when we didn’t initially notice. We still aren’t sure if this was just down to a dodgy batch or it’s a common problem with the brand.

The papers were pretty nice to smoke, having a noticeable but not unpleasant taste, we found that they also burned nice and slowly and helped improve the overall experience. One problem we did have here however was that it was yet again another brand which consistently burns sideways.

Overall we are pretty split on these papers, while they were nice to smoke the small niggles we had with them have affected the score. They may not be the most expensive papers around but they also are not exactly the highest of quality. We have decided to award the papers a 7/10 and would cautiously recommend them since there are better alternatives on the market. If you have found this review helpful then please feel free to leave a comment below.

9 September 2014

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

It’s often considered as one of the best cannabis related documentaries ever made and it’s easy to see why. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007) is pro cannabis documentary which explores the misconceptions and laws which stand against the use of cannabis. It might come across as pretty one-sided from the start but it doesn’t fail to explore the issue in a sensible and factual way.

The documentary starts by setting the ground for the rest of the film, by putting across a series of facts. Later each of these facts are expanded upon and explored more thoroughly. The business behind the marijuana industry is a subject which is thoroughly explored, from the industrial applications of Hemp to the black market grow ops.



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The medical argument is one which is brought up several time throughout the film, while these are often debunked by the media and political sources, the differences are plain to see. There is an interview with a guy who suffers from MS and it clearly shows the difference it makes to his life. If anyone can still say it has no medical benefits after watching this film, then they really need to open their eyes.

While most of the general population believe it is illegal for being a dangerous drug, the film takes a look at why it’s really illegal. With big corporations fearing loss of sales and its use as a political weapon, it’s no wonder that those in power don’t want change.

A lot of high profile criminal cases because of prohibition are brought up in the documentary, with cases such as Mark Emery and Tommy Chong providing a solid backbone. These help to explore another issue of who profits from the current laws and why common sense and logic never seem to be followed.

Overall it’s an outstanding documentary which takes a fresh perspective on the cannabis debate. While it was a little one sided, it helps to debunk most of the negative stereotypes applied to cannabis use through the truth and real facts. It’s one of those films that everyone should watch no matter what their opinion is, as it might give you a better understanding of what is really going on. We are giving the film a 10/10 and would highly recommend watching this well made and informative documentary.

8 September 2014

Skunk Brand Rolling Papers Review

Another set of papers we got recently were the Skunk branded king size slim papers. Skunk papers come in various types and sizes such as flavoured and extra wide. Price wise the papers are on the cheaper end of the spectrum for the standard papers but slightly more expensive for the flavoured varieties.

The papers are made from genuine hemp fibre and they are a well established brand that has been around since 1994. The king size slim comes with the normal 32 leaves per packet and has similar dimensions to other brands. The paper is pretty thin which was preferential for us as we don’t like smoking a lot of paper.



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The papers are easy to roll with and provide plenty of surface area to work with. Even being thin, they proved to be relatively strong and held up well during the rolling process. The gum seems to stick pretty well but we did find they occasionally unravelled when burned.

The smoking stage was when these papers let us down a bit and made us lower our opinion of the brand. They tend to add a rather odd taste to the smoke, it’s not the horrible chemically taste that some papers have but it still wasn’t all that pleasant.

The papers also didn’t burn very straight which caused us to waste a fair amount of our smoking mix. This seemed to happen slightly less frequently if heavily packed but was still an issue.. This along with the fact they tended to unravel some of the time really brings the overall quality down.

Overall the papers are decent but not brilliant, they had a few issues which has negatively affected the score but also a few positives such as the cheap price. We have therefore decided to give the papers a 7/10 and would recommend them if you like a stronger tasting paper but make sure you roll them well to minimise the issues.

5 September 2014

The House I Live In

The drug war is a holocaust in slow motion! The House I Live In (2012) is an in depth documentary which takes a look at the effects of the drug war in America. It explores the issue from its terrible origins through to the current overzealous approach to law enforcement. With interviews with dealers, narcotics officers, inmate and judges, it takes a hard look at the human rights implications of the current system.

The House I Live In is one of those rare documentaries, which not only strengthens our opinion on drug prohibition but also has the power to change people’s minds. It successfully manages to look at both sides of the argument and express an overall opinion without belittling the other side. You might think you know what goes on behind the scenes, but what we are spoon fed by the media is only the tip of the iceberg.



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The documentary takes a good look at the reasons behind drug prohibition in the first place and how it stemmed from a hatred of minority immigrants. This was a different approach from the modern take on racial profiling we see. It truly left us wondering how anyone can claim that the war on drugs doesn’t have a heavy racial implication.

The main thing that the documentary portrays is that it doesn’t take a strong pro drug argument and instead focuses on the effects of drug policy itself. It doesn’t fail to explore the stories of those involved on all sides of the argument and bring fresh light to the human rights violations that are faced.

The fallout from drug laws doesn’t simply affect those who are incarcerated. It destroys communities with much greater effect than the drugs themselves. The only people who are profiting from the war on drugs are those who own the prisons, with for profit prisons being filled with drug users and dealers.

Overall it’s an outstanding documentary which focuses on a different element from most drug related films. It’s a penetrating look at how the drug war leads to a larger problem than the use of drugs in the first place. We are giving the film a 9/10 for being a truly enlightening film which we would highly recommend. If you haven’t seen the film yet, then we urge you to watch and hope you will share it with others. If you have seen the film, then why not leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

4 September 2014

Head Chef Blitzer Rotary Grinder

For some of us, having a good grinder to hand is one of the essential steps of rolling. With such a vast range of types, prices and brands on the market it’s often hard to find a grinder that suits you. Since for us it’s an essential bit of paraphernalia we decided to review some of our favourites. The Blitzer rotary grinder by Head Chef was a grinder we actually were given for free but doesn’t cost a lot at £14.95.



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While some people might be put off buying a grinder which costs almost £15, it’s certainly not the most expensive on the market. This 4 part grinder comes in either a black or silver finish and is certainly big enough for anyone’s needs. Measuring 63 mm in diameter it’s the biggest grinder in the Head Chef range and one of the biggest you can get.

The 4 part grinder features a screen at the bottom and comes with a scraper to help collect any keif that is collected. While this isn’t an uncommon feature it works well and adds something which we like. The grinding mechanism uses a crank handle that allows it to work effectively but doesn’t really make the process any easier than a standard grinder. It was also a bit more difficult to get started when the chamber is heavily filled.

The grinding teeth are reasonably sharp and grind the material into a nice consistency but did let through a few larger chunks. Some pieces also got stuck in the holes, which wasn’t ideal. The grinder is also a bit of a nuisance to clean because of the grinding mechanism, but not a huge amount of material became stuck on the teeth.

Overall it’s a pretty decent grinder which feels pretty sturdy due to its weight and size. We can see the mechanism perhaps becoming less effective the more often it’s used but did manage to stand up to our testing. It might seem expensive to those who buy the cheap plastic crap, but it’s well worth the money. We are giving the grinder an 8/10 and would highly recommend it, let us know what you thought below.

3 September 2014

G-Spot Mega Clean glass cleaner

While we have always assumed that cleaning solutions are a bit of a fad and usually just buy some cleaning alcohol. We decided to give one a go and see how it compared to our usual alternatives. We got our hands on a bottle of G-Spot Mega Clean Glass cleaning formula at what seemed like a rather expensive price. We used it on several of our bongs and our new 420 Glass Pipe.

We used it on the bongs first and were rather dubious by its claims of adding a small amount of cleaner for it to work. We added a few sprays around the interior and around the joints before filling it with hot water. We left it to sit for around 20 minutes before emptying the solution from the bongs.



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The solution made a very noticeable difference straight away and after rinsing the bongs, the glass appeared very clean apart from a couple of more heavily tarred regions. However after a quick scrub with a cleaning brush, the bong looked almost new. It also leaves a lovely subtle orange smell which was nice in comparison to the usual smell that other cleaners give.

The pipe was handled in the same way, 2-3 sprays were added around the bowl and inside the column. We added some hot water and then left it to soak for 20 minutes before rinsing through. This time there was no need for any brushing as it was thoroughly cleaned and again had a lovely clean smell.

The product might cost a bit more than an unbranded solvent or some other bong cleaners out there but it did prove to be reasonably economic. For £10 you get a bottle containing 100ml. It might not seem like a lot but then the amount you use with each application is very minimal. After cleaning both bongs and our pipe, we had used very little of the solution and it will easily last us a long time.

Overall it’s a great little product that has helped change our mind about cleaning products. Even if it’s more expensive than some of its competitors and unbranded solvents, it manages to be more economical overall. We are giving the product a 9/10 for working brilliantly and leaving our glassware smelling fresh. We would highly recommend this product and look forward to hearing your opinion.