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17 February 2013

A Teddy With Attitude

You’re never going to think of a teddy in the same way again when this foul mouthed bear comes to town. Ted (2012) follows the adventures of John after his childhood teddy bear comes to life. It may seem like a dream come true but things aren’t as innocent as they might seem. More than just their friendship is at stake when adult life comes a knocking.

Encapsulating a child like element with more adult themes is something that Seth McFarlane is used to doing in Family Guy. We had our concerns that it wouldn’t transmute from cartoon comedy to live action but it was pulled off to a reasonably good degree. The main story isn’t all that great but does set up plenty of individual scenes that make it worth the watch.

The characters were all pretty well grounded but didn’t leave much of an impression on us with some characters not sitting well. Donny for example wasn’t exactly threatening but instead came across as rather disturbed. This was probably the aim but it still didn’t seem all that right, we would rather have seen him a bit more psychotic.

The film was reasonably funny throughout and had us laughing out loud a few times. It seems to have taken a step back from stoner comedy even with the multiple references and aimed to reach a wider audience. We feel this paid off in bringing the comedy to a wider field of people but struggled to keep us interested at points.



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Overall it’s a pretty decent film but lacks a few finishing touches that could have made it much better. We are giving it a 7/10 for its creative twist on a child like storyline. It may have not been as good as we initially hoped but we still think it’s worth a watch. It might not be for everyone so why not let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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