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20 February 2013

Cheech and Chongs Next Movie

Cheech and Chong return in their second major feature film. It’s more of the same from the comedy duo with plenty more thrills and spills. Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie (1980), follows the two stoners who live in a condemned old house and try to get by while being completely broke. After Cheech’s cousin Red comes to town, Chong finds he is as crazy about weed as he is. Meanwhile Cheech waits for the woman of his dreams to come see him.

The film does have a main plot but it doesn’t come across very well due to the amount of seemingly random events that take place. It is like a series of sketches that take place one after the other and form some semblance of a story. Separating Cheech and Chong only really worked out half of the time, Red wasn’t a particularly good replacement for Cheech and the Cheech storyline wasn’t very impressive.

It had the same mix of characters that it usually has, showing a whole branch of society and how crazy it is. Most of the cast in the film was new, giving it a very different feel. There was a lot more contrast to Cheech and Chong rather than a similar group of people. This made them seem a bit more insignificant than they should have been.

There is plenty more weed related humour with more of Chong’s massive joints and wacky ways. The film is pretty funny throughout but some of the scenes didn’t manage to stand up to the rest. The ending of the film was pretty strange but then again the whole film is a bit like that and it had us watching all the way to the end.



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Overall it’s a great film, with many great characters and themes. The overall story didn’t really hold much ground but the individual scenes made up for it. While we thought it was just as funny as Up in Smoke, it just didn’t have the same overall appeal. That is why we are giving the film an 8/10, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we sure did like it.

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