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25 February 2013

The World Needs Clerks

It might not be the most glamorous of jobs but where would we be without the humble shop clerks. Clerks (1994), is an old school look at the monotony of those people in society whose job it is to serve us. For these Clerks life might seem a little dull but what they have to face on a daily basis is far from ordinary.

The film follows Dante and Randal on another day working at a local convenience store as if it’s just any other work day. The film is set like a Sit-Com with most of the story coming from the everyday encounters and not so normal events that take place. The film hardly moves from the same setting which isn’t as boring as it may seem. It’s a simple derivation of the world we all have to endure and sends a very clear message, it’s not all bad.

The characters are the main scope of the movie and the story is very much worked from their perspective rather than being placed after the story was made. The film really has an edge that makes it great, it’s very well written and makes you stop and think. It’s not exactly filled with action so you adrenaline junkies should probably look elsewhere, but it worked in the right way.

The comedy is very organic and while it doesn’t present much of a laugh out loud experience, it simply improves our appreciation. We think that most people can relate to one or more of the themes in the film because what it really presents is, a commentary on life!



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Overall it’s a truly great film and incredibly well made for a writers first film. What Kevin Smith managed to do was very creative and risky but paid off immensely. We feel it deserves a solid 9/10 and would happily recommend it to anyone. It may be classified as a cult film, but don't let that put you off. It deserves far more credit than it often receives. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have something to say!

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