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25 February 2013

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Our favourite stoners Jay and Silent Bob have finally got their own movie so it’s off to Hollywood to stop it. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) gives the duo their chance at being the main stars in their own adventure. After reading abuse thrown at the fictional versions of themselves in a new Hollywood movie, the duo embark on a cross country adventure to stop it from ever being made.

Being Fan’s of the movies of Kevin Smith we had grown accustomed to the ranting and raving of the stoner duo, we had our concerns about the film. We had gotten used to them in small doses from his other films but weren’t sure if they would be able to hold up as the main characters. However after watching the film we were happily relieved at the outcome.

The story is pretty random and illogical, but suits the persona's of Jay and Silent Bob well. The majority of the film is about their journey to Hollywood and the people they meet along the way. This made for a very interesting watch with a comedy style which just seemed to work.

The characters are all well played and fit the film perfectly, it’s set up to be ridiculous and that is exactly what gets presented. The cast is full of pretty high profile actors and the clean feel makes it feel like an A-list comedy movie. The film is packed full of drug references that manage to be entirely funny and added another dimension to the film



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Overall we found the film brilliantly funny and full of proper laugh out loud comedy. We can understand why a lot of people have a bad opinion of the film due to it being pretty stupid. However we really enjoy this type of comedy and have to award the film an 8/10. We highly recommend going into the film with a fresh mind and just enjoy it without comparison to their previous roles.

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