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27 February 2013

The Legend Lives On

Take a step into the shoes of the legend that is Bob Marley and share his experiences and troubles which fell before him. Kevin Macdonalds Marley (2012) takes an intimate look into the life of Bob Marley from his troubles as a young musician to his tragic and untimely death. It was an ambitious project to undertake and required delicate handling to pull it off effectively.

Encapsulating the story of Bob Marley couldn’t have been an easy task, with the amount of things that happened to him from good to bad but it was pulled off reasonably well. While some of the events weren’t properly explored, it seemed somewhat more important to show just how often he faced an array of issues.

One important thing the filmed struggled to do was build an emotional connection with the man himself. It focused much more on being a documentary rather than a tribute, and missed out by focusing on his connection with his family and friends a bit too often. We would have preferred to see more of how his music inspired a generation and changed some parts of the world for ever.
Reggae is presented as it should be in the film however, instead of what is stereotypically seen in a lot of TV and film. It shows how the music helped to inspire people and bring them closer to each other. It shows it more as just music in a sense, it’s an ethos on building a better world for everyone.

While the film did explore his use of marijuana, it didn’t look at it extensively, showing that he stood for a lot more than some might suggest. This was done well, since focusing on it too much would have just taken away from what he achieved in his short life.



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Overall it’s a fantastically interesting documentary about a truly great man. It held more ground as a documentary than others but often didn’t display the same emotions that connected him to his music. We feel the film deserves an 8/10 for genuinely making us think about him in a different way and seeing a new side to the legend of Marley.

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