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27 February 2013

Smoke That Pineapple Express

Getting paranoid isn’t so bad when your wanted men. Pineapple Express (2008) takes the life of the court-process clerk and stoner Dale and turns it upside down. After witnessing a drug king-pin murder some competition, Dale and Saul go on the run for their lives when they realise they have been smoking his weed. For the pair of stoners, a life on the run isn’t easy, especially when irrational thoughts take over.

The opening scenes of the film effectively give a solid impression of what the film is about. The movie features the theme of cannabis heavily, a theme which we often prefer to be more subtle. This involvement of the drug with the story has been seen before in a few newer movies but often it’s added as an element rather than a theme. We feel the film managed to pull this off effectively but often felt a bit lazy.

The characters were ones who we enjoyed watching, however we felt that they were all very stereotypically created. With the stupid stoners and corrupt police, there wasn’t a particularly fresh look at making its characters interesting. If you like Seth Rogan then you will most likely like the film, his character is pretty similar to many other films that he is in except being a bit more stupid.

The film clearly had a big budget with the amount of fancier effects that it presents. They did manage to pull of the visual aspect of the film well, and used it to build up the story and characters. Comedy wise the film is pretty amusing but not one of the funniest that we have watched. In our opinion it’s decent but not on par with some of his other films such as Zack and Miri Make a Porno.



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Overall we did enjoy the film but found it lacked a bit of style and could have been improved in a few areas. We found it relatively funny and really enjoyed the story even if it was a tad ridiculous. We feel it deserves a 7/10 for being great to watch but far from perfect.

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