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24 February 2013

Super Size That Joint

Smoking cannabis for thirty days doesn’t sound like much of a movie plot but that’s exactly what Super High Me (2012) is all about. The parody film says everything in the title, just like the burger eating Super Size Me, it’s nothing but marijuana for thirty days. The noted stoner comic Doug Benson took on the challenge and made a film out of it to great success.

The film has a very simple idea which could have come across very badly if not done well. However the combination of interviews, medical tests and generally fascinating information makes for a very interesting documentary. It also has a comedic side with clips from Doug’s various stand up shows when high and also when not.

The documentary plays an informative role in breaking down the stigmas related to cannabis use. The medical tests and various interviews show how cannabis doesn’t particularly change the user and fights back against the negative propaganda.

The medical side of cannabis is also shown in the film and shows how it can make a real difference to some people’s lives. This also manages to portray the problems that these dispensaries face from federal laws as opposed to the state laws.

The comedy segments really helped to break up the film a bit and made it far more enjoyable to watch. We did feel that the film used a lot of filler however, with many scenes simply showing him smoking pot with groups of different people.



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Overall it’s a pretty interesting documentary about the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis. While the film addressed a lot of issues that are faced by medical and recreational users, it didn’t feel like it covered all the bases. We think the film deserves a 7/10 for being something new and interesting to watch. We would recommend this film to anyone, no matter their standing on the use of drugs.

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