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22 February 2013

Grow Your Own With THCtalk

THCtalk is a reasonably well known online forum for growers and marijuana enthusiasts. With a huge amount of expert information and other services available for its users, THCtalk has become the place to go about cannabis Horticulture. Even if you‘re just wanting to pick up some cooking tips, the site has something for you.

The site can’t exactly be referred to as safe for work but it’s an attractive forum with many interesting features. The main body of the site is the forum which has a bunch of sections for your enjoyment. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for some general stoner chat, growing tips or what had been in the news lately, you can find it all here.

The forum is very heavily skewed towards growing cannabis. You can find whatever information you are looking for, if it’s indoor or outdoor, small or large scale and how to avoid detection. Each section is well moderated so that you can quickly and easily find the information you are after. Please note that it may or may not be illegal to grow cannabis where you live.


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The site also has a shop that sells a large variety of seeds, we have never used this function though so can’t comment on the level of service. There is a large amount of information regarding cannabis as well, from information on scientific studies to good books and other reading sources.

Overall it’s a nice site with plenty of good features. It is well used and maintained so all the information tends to be up to date and accurate. If you are looking for a community to just chat about cannabis with then this place might be ideal for you.

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