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26 February 2013

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

It’s our first encounter with the stoner duo and how could we resist a title like get the munchies. The more commonly known as Harold & Kumar go to WhiteCastle (2004)tells the story of two ordinary guys who get stoned and then go on a journey to get the food they crave. Finding WhiteCastle isn’t going to be easy when you keep getting sidetracked, it’s a trip they will never forget.

The title says it all really, the main plot of the film is effectively that they want some burgers and go on a trip to get some. Although this might sound like a rather weak plot, it’s the filler between them and their goal that does all the work. The encounters they face along the way are essentially the main body of the film. While most of these are funny, some went on a bit longer than was necessary. Some scenes we enjoyed a lot, the parody of the small town police officers was pretty amusing, but wasn’t very long.

The characters in the film are pretty dummed down when they have supposed to have been smoking, which was amusing but got a bit too much near the end. We really enjoyed the introduction of their fellow Jewish stoners, Goldstein and Rosenberg. While a bit stereotypical, they added another fun element that we thoroughly enjoyed.

The many quirky characters and awkward situations they encounter on their journey makes for a fascinating watch. With each person more ridiculous than the last, it sets the basis for the situational comedy that the film presents. It’s not exactly an enlightening watch, just something to enjoy watching while relaxed.



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Overall the film is pretty good; it has a decent but not brilliant story, characters which are well diversified and a comedy style somewhat reminiscent of Cheech and Chong. Now we have to say they were nowhere near as funny or had the same style as Cheech and Chong, only played a long a similar comedy style. We are giving the film a 7/10 for providing us with a fun evening.

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