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23 February 2013

He's Just A Grandmas Boy

He might be a stoner and a games tester but he’s still just a Grandmas Boy. Grandmas Boy (2006) follows the story of a 35 year old games tester who has to move in with his Grandma after being kicked out of his apartment. It might not be his ideal situation but he’s going to learn it’s a whole bunch of fun.

We had been somewhat avoiding the movie having read into the movie completely wrong. The idea behind it just didn’t sound like it could work but it somehow did. The story is pretty good with various twists that are comedy gold but other scenes didn’t stand up to the test. “My grandma drank all my pot” this lead to one of the best segments of the film and made us wish our grandparents were that awesome.

Some of the characters in the film were a bit over the top, such as J P. We know it’s supposed to be set in a games company headquarters but it was just a bit too uber geek for our liking. Alex on the other hand was a great character and provided us with a lot of amusing situation and dialogue. Other characters such as his Grandma and his dealer also added an extra branch of fun.

The main thing about this film is that it’s supposed to be fun and a bit stupid. We feel it is worth more merit than it often gets for being a clean and well produced comedy. Even those who don’t like the drug elements should be able to look past them and enjoy it.



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Overall the film was a thoroughly entertaining watch and a film that we will go back to at some point. The story was pretty average but the odd scenes really made up for it. We are glad we finally got round to watching it because we were pleasantly surprised. The film deserves a 7/10 for being amusing throughout and giving us an enjoyable experience.

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