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17 February 2013

Highland Products

Highland papers were a new brand for us when we first picked up a couple of booklets, they have several designs of packets available for purchase. The packets range from 40 to 50 papers and all come with an attached roach strip for all your rolling needs.

These papers are relatively large and the paper is much thicker than the majority of brands we have used. This roach papers are really thick and hard to roll, we found that it took much longer to get a size of roach we were happy with. The papers themselves are easy to roll with and the gum stuck well.

The taste from these papers was pretty awful, it was very acrid and not a pleasant experience overall. We also found that the papers tended to unravel once burned which occasionally resulted in them falling apart entirely.

The one main upside to these papers is that they are cheap. For the same price as a standard packet of papers, you get extra papers and enough roach’s to match. So really when choosing to buy these papers or not, it’s best to consider if you want quantity or quality. If you are looking for quality we suggest that you look elsewhere.


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Overall the Highland papers performed averagely and weren’t to our liking. The main upside is the price and quantity and the main downside is the taste. We are giving the papers a 5/10 mainly because of the affordability. We hope you found this review useful and make sure to check out our other reviews for more information.

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