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23 February 2013

How High Will You Get

It’s high time they went somewhere with their lives and they have just been handed an opportunity they cannot ignore. How High (2001) follows two brothers from the hood who get to go to college after smoking some magical herb. The two stoners turn the upper class college on its head with their antics and will change things for good.

When Silas and Jamal ace their college entry exams after smoking some special weed, they are accepted to Harvard. For the two streetwise guys it’s a massive change of scenery, in a place where drugs and partying are of least concern. The story is pretty straight forward, it see’s two streetwise guys being thrown out of their comfort zone but somehow they manage to make it their own. The clash between the two cultures was an interesting plot for the film but it worked out relatively well.

The two main characters are instantly likeable have some pretty interesting characteristics, they are set up perfectly to clash with the setting of the film. Other characters also contributed to making it a great watch. However the odd few just annoyed us by being completely unnecessary for the story.

The film is pretty much a straight up stoner comedy with the main theme consistently being about the use of drugs. This was fun for a while but got a tad repetitive nearer the end making it somehow feel like it had lost its meaning. The main idea about the pot with magical properties was something very refreshing and made us happy we had taken the time to watch the film.



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Overall the film has a pretty good story, setting and set of characters. However we did feel that it was lacking something, we did enjoy the film it just didn’t make us want to watch it again. We think that 7/10 is a fair score, as there are much better stoner comedies out there.

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