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23 February 2013

Legalize With Norml UK

NORML -UK is the British wing of the Marijuana legalisation organisation NORML. As an affiliate group of NORML, they help to bring the same information to a British audience. While they haven’t been running for as long and are not as big, they are helping to bring much needed exposure of the problems with the law. NORML-UK’s mission statement is as follows:

“NORML UK seeks to gain recognition for the rights of people to peacefully pursue activities relating to cannabis without unwarranted intervention by the authorities”

While not being as professional looking as the main NORML website, it is still easy to navigate and has a ton of useful information. The website does lack a lot of features that its American cousin has, such as a lack of information on the drug itself. This does show that they are more in pressing political pressure than spreading information. It does make up for the lack of information on the website, by using its social media accounts to share information.


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They have a fully functional blog as part of their site and use this to share interesting information from around the world in relation to cannabis. They have played a key roll in the past year by helping to run many legalisation events such as protests and smoke outs.

Overall the site isn’t fantastic but the organisation is doing some great work in the UK. They are helping to share information and are making it possible for people to look at the possibility of change. We fully support NORML-UK for the work they have done and are continuing to do. Check out the links on this page to go see what they are doing for fairer policy in the UK.

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