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20 February 2013

Nice Dreams

They might look like their selling Ice Cream but it’s actually some pretty strange bud. Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams (1981) follows the duo as they are getting to grips with their new business venture. Selling weed from their ice cream truck might seem like the ideal cover, but when your weed is transforming people it’s bound to get you noticed.

The film features a much more rigid storyline in this film, the two dealers trying to become sun kings in paradise. The story in the film gives it a greater sense of purpose than their previous efforts and still manages to include the random encounters and side stories. One of our favourite things was the weed that turned people into a lizard, it’s a good way of pointing fun at the negative propaganda cannabis usually gets.

The film features many returning cast members. However they are not intended to be linked in any way to the other films. Characters such as Donna from Next Movie make an appearance but act as if they are completely new characters. We found this a little frustrating as if you have watched the other films, you know that they have met before.

The dream sequences were unnecessarily reintroduced in the film for no good reason. This time it was some sort of drug induced delirium which had no connection to the story. For the most part the film was very amusing and was a fun commentary on the lives of a dealer.



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Overall the film is well made and clearly deserves more merit than it gets. We feel it’s one of the best Cheech and Chong films and is equally on par with Up in Smoke. While the film tended to get a bit loose near the end it still holds up as a fantastic movie. It deserves a score of 9/10 for being different but retaining the comedy style of a proper Cheech and Chong film.

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