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22 February 2013

Pick 'N' Mix

If you are looking to buy some cannabis seeds then we have been taking a look at a few of the many available sites to see which can offer you the best service. One of the lucky few was Pick ‘N’ Mix seeds, we ordered a couple of seeds to see how their service stood up to the others. Please note that while it may be legal to own cannabis seeds, it’s illegal in most places to plant them.

Pick ‘N’ Mix seeds is a great looking website with a Johnny Depp inspired Wonka theme. The pages are easily navigated by allowing you to search by either seed bank or seed type. It has a vast collection of different seed to choose from with plenty of feminized varieties available. Nearly every type of seed is available as a single order as well, allowing you to pick and choose the varieties you get while keeping cost down.

Our order was quickly processed and posted the same day with next day delivery, true to its word our package turned up the following day. Our order was well packaged and relatively stealthy, with the seeds seeming healthy and intact. The whole process was hassle free and was slightly cheaper than we had expected. Their customer service was also excellent and they answered our questions efficiently, unfortunately it wasn’t the quickest service we have used. As with all seed banks, they will not give out information about growing since they sell them as souvenirs.



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Overall we had an easy and hassle free using Pick ‘N’ Mix seeds, we highly recommend them if you are looking for a reliable seed bank. We are giving them 8/10 for their service and feel the only let down was the speed that they took to get back to us via email.

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