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24 February 2013

Super skunk (extra strength) Review

Super skunk was one of those odd products which we happened to come across and decided to give it a go. The outside of the packet is pretty interesting and offers an intoxicating herbal smoking mixture. Its a product made by Am-Hi-Co, a well known company in the smoking mix business. For only £2.99 the product certainly seemed worth it, so when we got back we opened the packet and sat down to roll a joint.



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We noticed the mixture has a really strange smell, kinda spicy so we aren't sure exactly what was in it, we then rolled two smokes, one with weed and one without. The mixture is very awkward to roll with as its very large pieces and has random sticks in it, if the mixture isn't falling out when your trying to roll then its breaking through the skin.

Grinding the mixture down did help a bit but it was still hard to roll with. We smoked the smoking mix only first, it actually had a pleasant taste but so much for it being a legal high, there was no effect at all and it burns very hot. We then lit up the joint and man did it ruin our smoke, the joint gave off a terrible acrid taste and we couldn't smoke the rest of the thing.

Therefore our verdict is that this is not a good smoking mix for weed but on its own it could be nice to smoke if you want something to have instead of cigarettes. This is an odd product from the Amsterdam highs company, as a legal high it sucks and as a mix it sucks even more. The only positive point that we can say about this product is that its very cheap, however we really cant recommend the product. We always try to be fair with our reviews but we really cant give this product more than a 2/10

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