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17 February 2013

Its rawthentic!

Raw papers have been around for a while yet we hadn’t got round to trying them until recently. They have a wide selection of smoking products, from Cones to various types of king size and regular rolling papers. We purchased both original and organic king size rolling papers along with some raw roach booklets.

The first thing that you notice about these papers is the colour. They have not been bleached white like the majority of papers and promise to offer a better smoke because of this. Each paper is made from 100% Hemp fibre which is thin and versatile.
The papers are a great size for anyone’s rolling style and should suit your needs well. They are easy to roll with especially when coupled with the raw roach tips. One problem which we had was when rolling in dim light, the gum became difficult to see much more than other papers.

The papers burn very evenly and at a good rate throughout, making your smoke last that little bit longer. The flavour is very pleasant and gives a smooth smoke, unlike other papers there is no acrid taste left lingering afterwards either.



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The papers do come at a bit of a premium but we can honestly say it’s worth the expense. these are amongst the finest papers we have tried and will become one of our papers of choice. We are giving these papers a 10/10 because they are a fantastic quality and even with the minor problem we had, they still deserve a high score. We hope we found our review helpful and that it helps you make an informed choice.

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