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22 February 2013

Seeds With Attitude

If you are looking to buy some cannabis seeds then we have been taking a look at a few of the many available sites to see which can offer you the best service. One of the lucky few was Attitude seeds, we ordered a couple of seeds to see how their service stood up to the others. Please note that while it may be legal to own cannabis seeds, it’s illegal in most places to plant them.

Attitude seed bank is a large worldwide seed bank with a snazzy website for all your cannabis seed needs. The site is well built and easy to navigate. Clearly defined areas are placed on the homepage to allow you quick browsing. Allowing a large variety of seeds, such as regular, feminized and auto flowering to be found in several easy steps. They also allow you to use a pick and mix service to get single seeds if needed. However, finding a specific seed type did take a bit longer than on comparable sites.



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Our order was easy to place and it took very little effort, there are many options available for delivery such as items of clothing. We chose one of the cheaper stealth options and it was dispatched on the same day. The order arrived very quickly and we even had a free seed chucked in with our order which was a nice bonus. The package was nice and stealthy and we had no issues with receiving the goods.

Overall it’s a very nice site which serves a professional seed bank, they had good communication and the orders arrived with no hassle. We are giving Attitude seed bank 8/10 for their great service, the only let down was the issue with finding a specific seed and that it was a bit more expensive.

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