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20 February 2013

They Are Still Smokin

They might be in Amsterdam, the weed capital of Europe, but it’s a fact they seem somewhat oblivious too. Still Smokin (1983) follows the story of Cheech and Chong after they are invited to Amsterdam for a celebrity festival. When one of the hosts runs off with all the money, Cheech and Chong take on the rolls of Mr. Burt and Mr. Dolly, for the rest of their trip.

The story if you can call it that, is based on them turning up in Amsterdam at a so called celebrity festival. That is about as much as the story is explained or expanded on. The film instead uses a series of sketches that the characters have invented, some are pretty funny but others are jsut downright odd. We didn’t enjoy the lack of story and the sketches didn’t really leave much of a lasting impression on us.

The character list of Still Smokin is very short as it’s mostly just them screwing around in the sketches. This lack of character dynamic really didn’t work out and we really missed the diversity of characters that we are used to seeing in Cheech and Chong films.

While a lot of the film is actually funny, there is a lot which is also pretty terrible. We would say that it was about 50/50 good and bad and there were not enough of the truly funny scenes to improve our opinion of the film. The film really just lacks any sort of edge and just feels like they were running out of ideas. Leaving them with only the more risky ideas meant that it didn’t end up being very successful.



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Overall it’s a very average film with nothing particularly great going for it. It pains us to give a Cheech and Chong film a low score, but it really didn’t deliver so we have to. We are giving the film a 5/10 and are a bit dubious about recommending it. If you are a Cheech and Chong fan you will probably enjoy it, but if not you should probably stay clear of this one.

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