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20 February 2013

Up in Smoke

You wanna get high man? Does Howdy Doody got wooden Balls man? Up in Smoke (1978) features Cheech and Chong as they first meet and pair up as the duo of stoners loved by many around the world. When they unknowingly get caught up in a plot to smuggle a van made of marijuana across the border, they find that trouble is waiting for them.

The film cleverly introduces the pair of stoners as strangers who come together through their love of drugs and music. The film has a pretty fun and interesting storyline about the van made of marijuana. The fact that they didn’t know this made it even better, since they are having trouble finding any smoke for themselves.

The characters are exactly what you expect from a pair of classic stoners. They don’t have the ridiculously high drug tolerance of those in modern films, making it seem a bit more realistic. Even if they are a bit dim witted, they haven’t been made overly stupid in comparison to some of the more negative weed themed films.

There is strong drug references throughout that are both enjoyable and interesting to watch. There is also a pretty decent music segment and also plenty of great soundtrack music throughout. It’s very much the classic type of stoner comedy which has sadly been lost with newer film.



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Overall the film is brilliantly funny and had us laughing for some time. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but we enjoyed the classic feel. It features a pretty amusing story and even though it’s got very strong drug themes, the film can be enjoyed by everyone. There is a unique style to the Cheech and Chong films that have made them very genre defining films in our eyes. We are giving the film 9/10 for being probably one of the best stoner films ever made!

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