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17 February 2013

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is one of the most well known and most talked about vaporizers available on the market. Its has created quite a name for itself and we knew it had to be on the top of our list for vaporizers to buy. The volcano vaporizer is rather expensive so it tends to be out of most peoples price ranges. This is a premium product for the real vaporizer connoisseurs.

The vaporizer comes in 2 models, the classic and the digit. The Difference between the models is that the digit has an LED display so that you can be accurate with your temperature selection and it has a greater range. The classic however is cheaper and has a rotary dial for temperature selection, some people have also reported problems with the digits screen. Luckily both models come with a 3 year warranty so any manufacturing faults can be easily fixed.

The volcano is used by filling the chamber and then inserting it into the vaporizer, a whip can be used or our personal preference the volcano's bag system. The bag fitted with the easy valve system is a great choice and no vapor is lost using this process.

We got our hands on the classic model and we have to say its fantastic, it really is a perfect vaporizer, built of high quality materials it feels built to last. The vaporizer is a bit more complex to use than other free standing vaporizers but after a few days of use, you will be using it like a pro. It works by passing heated air over the sample, this leads to very even effective vaporization which means that you don't waste any product.



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Even though it has a high initial price it can prove to very economical, the volcano is very effective at vaporizing your sample and therefore you save money on whatever material you want to use. You use far less material each time and overall will cut down your daily consumption. We recommend this product to anyone who will regularly use a vaporizer because it is a large investment and you would be better to get a budget vaporizer for occasional use. Overall its a brilliant vaporizer that is well worth the money that you pay for it.

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