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18 February 2013

We Are Only Half Baked

It’s time to burn with Mr Nice Guy and hang out with Mary Jane. Half Baked (1998) is a stoner comedy written by and starring Dave Chappelle. The story follows a group of stoners, who after their friend Kenny gets locked up start their own weed dealing business to raise his bail. The aptly named Mr Nice Guy get more than they bargained for when the competition wants to fight back.

The film is a full on stoner flick with the entire story based around the theme of marijuana use. The story doesn’t have much meat to it but is thoroughly enjoyable none the less. The story has a strong Romantic theme but is masked slightly with comedy in a way that made it much better for us. The small scenes about the people within the pot culture were very amusing and we are sure you can recognise something of yourself in these people.

The characters are well suited with the story and their personal connections provide added comedy. We particularly enjoyed the appearance of Tommy Chong, the face of many great stoner comedies. Dave Chappelle’s character of Thrugood was pretty interesting and matched the scope of the entire film well. While his love interest Mary Jane Potman added a contradictory element, the play on her name was also highly enjoyed.

Both the main story and the small side sections are very funny and the comedy remains consistently throughout. It may not be to everyone’s tastes with the constant marijuana use but we found it was made all the better for it.



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Overall it’s a fantastically well rounded stoner comedy. It was well written and even though we don’t always enjoy the romantic elements in films, it really worked in its favour. We believe that the film deserves a 9/10 and would highly recommend watching it. It has joined our collection of favourite films but we are interested in what you thought. Why not leave a comment below and tell us your opinion.

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