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1 March 2013

Iolite Original Review

The Iolite Original has been on the market for a while and has a lot of good reviews. The Iolite is a mid price ranged portable vaporizer that is widely available. Constructed by Iolite the vaporizer is one of several that the company offers, the Original being generally the cheapest of the range. We got ours delivered and began setting it up for use.

The vaporizer uses a flameless gas catalytic heating element, this means that the gas used doesn't come into contact with you herbs and cleverly vaporizes it. This makes the system incredibly useful for use while traveling, the gas is easy to replace and lasts for a pretty long time. Not using batteries means that its much more handy to recharge when on the go.

The vaporizer is really easy to use and if you get stuck there is plenty of useful information on getting the best from your Iolite. Its ready to use in around 50 seconds however we preferred to leave it a bit longer before starting use.

One of  the problem we have with the vaporizer is that it doesn't seem as sturdy as other portable vaporizers and the materials don't seem as high grade. Although this has allowed for the vaporizer to be sold much more cheaply than the better built alternatives such as the DaVinci.

Overall it is a nice product however it does seem a bit cheaply built, it also lacks many features such as any sort of display or temperature variables. However we did feel that despite this the vaporizer performed much better than other vaporizers of the slightly more budget market.If you are looked for a handy travel vaporizer then this is a definite must, if your a vaporizer enthusiast however we suggest that you go for a better built model.



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  1. the iolite vaporizer is super discrete and stuper stiny klittle handheld device that gets the job done ,)


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