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19 April 2013

Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Bob Marley rolling papers may feature the name of the legend that is Bob Marley but how does that translate to the quality. We bought a few packets to try them out and see how they performed in comparison to our favourite papers.

The papers are available in king size and regular, allowing for any use that you may have. They are made from 100% bleached hemp paper with each packet featuring a quote or lyric from the great man himself.

The papers are a good size in length and width, making rolling with them an easy task. The paper is also nice and thin, giving a nice taste and smooth smoking experience throughout. They have a slightly stronger taste than other hemp papers we have tried such as Raw papers but offer fantastic value for money in comparison.

One issue we had with the papers was the gum, often when rolling the gum failed to stick sufficiently. It tended to stay stuck at the time of rolling but once lit they would occasionally start to unroll making the experience less enjoyable.

Another issue was how they burned. They didn’t seem to prevent much of the side burning that is common amongst cheaper paper brands. This wasn’t an issue every time however and could have been down to our slightly bad rolling at times.



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Overall these are very nice papers for the price and even though we had a few issues with them, we are still going to give a decent score. We feel that 8/10 is appropriate since for the most part we enjoyed using them. They aren’t going to replace our favoured rolling papers but they will be kept as one of our back-up choice.

We hope you found this review useful and that it helps you make an informed choice when purchasing your products. Make sure to check out some of our other reviews for more information on what to buy and what to avoid.

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