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4 April 2013

EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong - 250mL

Recently we purchased the EHLE Glass – Ice Cylinder Bong – 250 mL for a cool £32.95, see what we did there. The brand offers high quality glass bongs for affordable prices and shows that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a very nice bong.



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EHLE bongs are high quality borosilicate glass bongs, they are made a very precise standard using computer software to map the produced glass. This means that parts and accessory's will fit you bong perfectly, allowing for a better closed system and therefore a better smoke.

We purchased the EHLE glass ice cylinder 250 mL bong because it was available for a very nice price. The bong is a small scale bong but is still a very nice size allowing for good hits. The bong is also small enough that it can be easily concealed when needed. The glass is a decent thickness meaning that the bong should be quite durable, it seems a lot thicker than the DUDE bong which we previously reviewed. The smoke you get off is nicely cooled and the ice twist means that further cooling could be done, further cooling could also be achieved by adding a pre-cooler which are available at varying prices. The bong was slightly more difficult to clean than the Roor bong but overall didn’t take much effort to keep clean.

Overall this is a very nice bong and we highly recommend it as a cheaper alternative if you can’t afford a Roor bong. The company also sells various attachments for reasonable prices and that are available in different joint sizes. The ability to add a pre-cooler, ash-catcher or simply to change to bowl size is a nice feature and adds to the performance of the brand.

This is a great bong, it cools the smoke well, the ice twist is a nice addition. Its an amazingly cheap price so it shows you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot.