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20 April 2013

Is it a Tasty Puff?

Tasty Puff tobacco flavoring is a product that we saw online and knew we had to try, we haven’t always had the best luck when choosing smoking supplements but we bought some anyway. We wanted to make it a bit more interesting so we tried it in a whole range of ways, we lit up a pipe, added it to a joint and smoked it in a normal rolled cigarette.

Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring is an additive for all sorts of smoking applications, it comes in 400 drop bottles and in a massive range of flavours. It doesn’t matter if you like fruit flavourings or you prefer something a bit more savoury then there will be a flavour for you.



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To use the product, you simply fill your pipe, joint or cigarette and then add a few drops on top of your selected smoke and then smoke away. We found that the way to get the best flavour from the product is to prepare it in advance, giving it a half hour or so to dry out slightly really helps with the taste and the burn. If you don’t give it this time to properly mix in with your tobacco it has a very harsh burn and causes problems with keeping your smoke lit.

You do have to be careful with the product however, when we first got it we added far to much and ended up ruining the smoke and rolling papers. Only a few drops is required so don’t be too trigger happy when using the tasty puff.

Flavour wise we were actually pleasantly surprised, the smoke was thick and tasted really good. We suggest trying smoking it in different ways so you can find the way that works for you. However we do suggest just using it in a regular cigarette, the pipe is far too harsh to smoke with, and it slightly ruined the taste of our joint. We can see it working much better with a bong or shisha, but we didn’t have the time to test these out as well.

We are giving this product an 8/10 because it really did taste very nice, we preferred it over the fruit flavoured Juicy Jays. However for stoners it may not be the best product, the product is also nice and cheap so its well worth a try. If you have given the Tasty Puff a try, why not leave us a comment bellow and let us know how you choose to smoke it.

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