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18 April 2013

Juicy Jays

Juicy Jays have been around for a while and they offer a wide selection of flavours that are constantly being updated. We recently bought a selection of different flavours in order to give us an overall perspective on the brand.

The papers come in a selection of sizes and types, including blunt wraps, cones and our personal choice of king size papers. There is a vast selection of flavours to try to suit whatever taste, from classic fruit flavours like blueberry to the slightly unusual alcohol inspired papers. With a vast selection to choose from we opted to try a few fruit flavours and the Jamaican rum that we just had to try.

The papers are relatively thick and are emblazoned with images of the flavours. This doesn’t exactly provide much stealth when using them. They tend to roll with ease, however the width meant that rolling larger joints was a challenge.

The main comment on these papers has to be flavour since that’s what the brand is all about. This does change a lot, depending on the type you choose. We found that the fruit flavours tended to be overpowering and sickly sweet overall, however the rum papers were brilliant. Most of the flavour tends to come from the end of the joint rather than actually flavouring the smoke, making them still useable even if you are not a fan of the taste.



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The papers do come at a higher cost than most standard papers and we don’t really think that the extra price is worth it. Overall the papers are decent, not the best but definitely not the worst that we have tried. The main advice we can give with using these papers is to try several types until you find something that suits your taste. Although we didn’t enjoy all of the types we have decided to give the papers a 7/10 average across the range.

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