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10 April 2013

Silver Surfer

We decided to try another big name in the vaporizer market and we bought a silver surfer. We got ours from as it came with some nice extras like a storage bag for the vaporizer that allows you to take it with you.

The silver surfer is a well known free standing vaporizer available on the market as a cheaper alternative to the volcano vaporizer. However it does still carry a heavy price tag so its best suited to people who will use it regularily. It features a fully encased heating system which is designed to be easily regulated and tostay at the desired temperature for longer. This causes a very even use of smoking material and creates a controlled release of vapors.

The vaporizer is very nice looking however its not the most discreet item we have ever owned. The vaporizers come equipped with hand made glass marble temperate knobs which add to the beautifully made and designed system. It is a bit complex to figure out how to use at the start but after a few try’s we found that it was much simpler than we originally thought.

The vaporizer smokes very nicely, it gives of a continous stream of vapor that lasts for a lot longer than we expected. We found it incredibly easy to smoke as it had no harshness to the vapor and it allowed us to take our time when smoking it. Its definitely one of the best free standing vaporizers on the market and we highly recommend it. This is best suited to people who want a very nice smoke but don’t want to fork out over £300 pound to get it. Its a community favourite and a favourite of ours as well!

This is a fantastic vaporizer, you really will struggle to find something better for the price that they are available for. Get yours while you can! Have you Tried the silver surfer? Why not leave a comments and let our readers know what you thought.



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