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23 August 2013

Burning Mother

Following their successful pledge appeal, Manchesters Heavy/Stoner rock band Blastronaut have now released their debut album Burning Mother, after a few delays we were glad to finally get a chance to sample the bands album. Burning Mother may have been delayed but we are glad they didnt rush the final product and ended up with an album to be proud of. The album features a total of 10 songs and is currently available for download, check out Blastronauts website for more details about getting a copy.

The album opens with Bullet Hoof which has a brilliant start and sets the very heavy tone that the album begins with. Its a hardhitting, aggressive track which shows the power the band can put down, the vocals and instruments work well together and none of the individual elements feel overpowered. This agressive tone continues through the first half of the album before becoming more focussed and less distorted. The final three songs Solar Exodus, Synthetic Sun and Strategy of Buying Blind have to be our favourite 3 songs of the album and nicely wrap up the album.

We felt the album ended and started very much on a high, however the middle of the album seemed to lack the spark that the rest of the songs had. This isn't to say that we didn't enjoy the songs, every song was unique and featured a very nice variation in style.



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Overall its a fantastic debut album from Blastronaut and features many fantastic songs, the band has really managed to show their colours. The songs are full of massive riffs and crunchy vocals which creates great tones throughout. We are giving the album an 8/10 because we think its a great effort and we cant wait to hear more in the future, but for now we hope they enjoy their succesful album launch! This isn't just a great debut album its a great album and will be happily added to our music collection.

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