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5 November 2013


Reincarnated (2013) is a documentary following the journey of Snoop Dogg as he travels to Jamaica in order to learn about the Rastafarian religion and culture while producing his first reggae album of the same name.

The film takes a look into Snoop Doggs past, from his days as a teenager all the way up to his current pilgrimage. The documentary is very much based around his music and he discovers what reggae music really means to the people of Jamaica and how it has shaped their lives.

Snoops journey takes him into Kingston to produce his album and he meets many of the best reggae stars, some of who sing on his album. Other musical treats include trips into a local school which teaches disadvantaged kids to play music, it was a great scene to see how music was really making a difference. The film does venture into Snoops previous rap albums and the culture he grew up in, these scenes just felt like fillers and it left us wondering if they forgot to film half of the scenes in Jamaica.

Calling this film a documentary is a pretty big stretch at points, the majority of the film involved Snoop Dogg wandering around aimlessly and getting high with his posse. We felt the film portrayed a very negative image of the Rastafarian culture, there is much more spiritually that could have been explored. The film does show the culture properly at a few points including a scene where Snoop Dogg is renamed as Snoop Lion and is accepted by several Rastafarian's.



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The film wasn't completely bad but we did feel it failed to show the significance of the Rastafarian religion and focused much more on the use of cannabis. For this reason we really struggled to rate it any higher than a 4.

If your looking for a film which shows more about the Rastafarian culture then it really isn't for you. However if you enjoy Snoop Dogg's music and want to see a documentary about his life then its probably worth a watch.

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