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Blastronaut - Burning Mother

The debut album by the new stoner/heavy rock band Blastronaut!

DaVinci Vaporizer

Another popular handheld vaporizer, how did the stoned review team get on, click to find out!

John Dies At The End

Its Weird and Creepy, but thats why we love it!

A Scanner Darkly

Look at things from their point of view!

20 April 2013

Is it a Tasty Puff?

Tasty Puff tobacco flavoring is a product that we saw online and knew we had to try, we haven’t always had the best luck when choosing smoking supplements but we bought some anyway. We wanted to make it a bit more interesting so we tried it in a whole range of ways, we lit up a pipe, added it to a joint and smoked it in a normal rolled cigarette.

Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring is an additive for all sorts of smoking applications, it comes in 400 drop bottles and in a massive range of flavours. It doesn’t matter if you like fruit flavourings or you prefer something a bit more savoury then there will be a flavour for you.



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To use the product, you simply fill your pipe, joint or cigarette and then add a few drops on top of your selected smoke and then smoke away. We found that the way to get the best flavour from the product is to prepare it in advance, giving it a half hour or so to dry out slightly really helps with the taste and the burn. If you don’t give it this time to properly mix in with your tobacco it has a very harsh burn and causes problems with keeping your smoke lit.

You do have to be careful with the product however, when we first got it we added far to much and ended up ruining the smoke and rolling papers. Only a few drops is required so don’t be too trigger happy when using the tasty puff.

Flavour wise we were actually pleasantly surprised, the smoke was thick and tasted really good. We suggest trying smoking it in different ways so you can find the way that works for you. However we do suggest just using it in a regular cigarette, the pipe is far too harsh to smoke with, and it slightly ruined the taste of our joint. We can see it working much better with a bong or shisha, but we didn’t have the time to test these out as well.

We are giving this product an 8/10 because it really did taste very nice, we preferred it over the fruit flavoured Juicy Jays. However for stoners it may not be the best product, the product is also nice and cheap so its well worth a try. If you have given the Tasty Puff a try, why not leave us a comment bellow and let us know how you choose to smoke it.

19 April 2013

Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Bob Marley rolling papers may feature the name of the legend that is Bob Marley but how does that translate to the quality. We bought a few packets to try them out and see how they performed in comparison to our favourite papers.

The papers are available in king size and regular, allowing for any use that you may have. They are made from 100% bleached hemp paper with each packet featuring a quote or lyric from the great man himself.

The papers are a good size in length and width, making rolling with them an easy task. The paper is also nice and thin, giving a nice taste and smooth smoking experience throughout. They have a slightly stronger taste than other hemp papers we have tried such as Raw papers but offer fantastic value for money in comparison.

One issue we had with the papers was the gum, often when rolling the gum failed to stick sufficiently. It tended to stay stuck at the time of rolling but once lit they would occasionally start to unroll making the experience less enjoyable.

Another issue was how they burned. They didn’t seem to prevent much of the side burning that is common amongst cheaper paper brands. This wasn’t an issue every time however and could have been down to our slightly bad rolling at times.



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Overall these are very nice papers for the price and even though we had a few issues with them, we are still going to give a decent score. We feel that 8/10 is appropriate since for the most part we enjoyed using them. They aren’t going to replace our favoured rolling papers but they will be kept as one of our back-up choice.

We hope you found this review useful and that it helps you make an informed choice when purchasing your products. Make sure to check out some of our other reviews for more information on what to buy and what to avoid.

18 April 2013

Juicy Jays

Juicy Jays have been around for a while and they offer a wide selection of flavours that are constantly being updated. We recently bought a selection of different flavours in order to give us an overall perspective on the brand.

The papers come in a selection of sizes and types, including blunt wraps, cones and our personal choice of king size papers. There is a vast selection of flavours to try to suit whatever taste, from classic fruit flavours like blueberry to the slightly unusual alcohol inspired papers. With a vast selection to choose from we opted to try a few fruit flavours and the Jamaican rum that we just had to try.

The papers are relatively thick and are emblazoned with images of the flavours. This doesn’t exactly provide much stealth when using them. They tend to roll with ease, however the width meant that rolling larger joints was a challenge.

The main comment on these papers has to be flavour since that’s what the brand is all about. This does change a lot, depending on the type you choose. We found that the fruit flavours tended to be overpowering and sickly sweet overall, however the rum papers were brilliant. Most of the flavour tends to come from the end of the joint rather than actually flavouring the smoke, making them still useable even if you are not a fan of the taste.



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The papers do come at a higher cost than most standard papers and we don’t really think that the extra price is worth it. Overall the papers are decent, not the best but definitely not the worst that we have tried. The main advice we can give with using these papers is to try several types until you find something that suits your taste. Although we didn’t enjoy all of the types we have decided to give the papers a 7/10 average across the range.

17 April 2013

Atmos Raw

The Atmos Raw vaporizer is an affordable portable vaporizer that is available in many interesting colours. We bought the vaporizer to try out and see how it compares with the bulkier portable vaporizers.

The Atmos Raw is a small scale colourful portable vaporizer that is available from a variety of online shops. Its at a decent price for a portable vaporizer but is certainly not the cheapest accessory to buy. It comes in a range of colours and is a sleek subtle design, most people who haven’t seen this vaporizer will assume its simply an electronic cigarette making it a very stealthy product.

The vaporizer could be difficult for some users as it can be a bit confusing, the system works by filling with your smoking mix and holding to button for 10-15 seconds. You can then toke away happily, the vaporizer is supposed to have an internal cooling system giving a smoother smoke but we found it rather harsh in comparison to the other portable vaporizers we have used.

The Chamber isn’t the biggest so only small amounts of material can be added at a time, this mean using it more often than one of its bigger competitors. However it did mean we could get more uses per charge.

The smoke could have been better but we think with more experimentation the vaporizer could have produced a better smoke. We would recommend this vaporizer if you require something stealthy however we would suggest you choose something like the Iolite vaporizer. Overall its a pretty average vaporizer, the smoke wasn’t great but i was nice and stealthy.



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16 April 2013

Dude Where’s My Car?

Dude Where’s My Car? (2000) is a classic comedy film loved by stoners around the world. It’s a simple story of two stoners caught up in a crazy Sci-Fi adventure, full of ridiculous characters and plot twists.

Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott play their characters Jesse and Chester perfectly by personifying the very character of the film. They are stupid and funny which simply covers the overall feel of the film. It isn’t a film to take seriously in any sense of the word with everything about the film being ridiculous.

The storyline couldn’t be simpler, it tells of Jesse and Chester’s adventure, to distinguish what happened the previous night and find their car. The story later unfolds with multiple plot twists and a conclusion which is worthy of any comedy film. It’s full of laugh out loud moments and playful characters which tie the whole film up in a neat little bundle.

Even as an older film it still hold its ground with the modern high budget comedy films that we see coming out of Hollywood. It’s a throwback to the comedy that used to be so plentiful and is now sorely missed by us and many others.



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There seems to be a lot of hate out there for this film and we can’t understand why. It seems that some people haven’t taken the film for what it is, a slapstick comedy with almost satirical values. While we love this film and often watch it to see the comedy of the good old days we cannot bring ourselves to give it a score any higher than 7/10. We feel that it is the fair score that the film deserves. It might not be a shining example of how comedy should be but it comes pretty close.

If you have missed out on seeing this film because of public perception then it’s a damn shame and we urge you to give it a watch and come up with your own opinion.

11 April 2013

Da Buddha

The Da Buddha vaporizer is another vaporizer that has been on the market for a while. Developed by 7th floor, LLC in Colorado, the Da Buddha vaporizer boasts superior design, function, quality, and style. We couldn't wait to get our hands on the vaporizer and quickly ordered ours.

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a free standing vaporizer constructed of an aluminium casing and a ceramic heating system. A glass wand is provided with the vaporizer which can be easily swapped for different styles of wands to suit your own personal use.

We found that the ceramic heater took a bit longer to heat up than other heating elements but kept a constant high temperature. Although it meant it took longer to heat up, the wait was worth it, it gave an incredibly smooth smoke which was very nice indeed.

The vaporizer is very attractive and is a nice size, this allows for easy storage and keeping it away from prying eyes. It is very easy to operate meaning that you can quickly get it set up and going. We found that it did use up our smoking materials much faster than we expected meaning that you use more in comparison to more expensive vaporizers such as the volcano.

The vaporizer comes at a very affordable price and we recieved a few free goodies with it, the carry case we got with it is very handy for storage and for transporting it about the place. We highly recommend this vaporizer to those who don't have a lot of money to spend as its brilliant for the price. Overall this is a brilliant vaporizer, its attractive and the ceramic heater is a nice touch, for the price it really is a great product.



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10 April 2013

Silver Surfer

We decided to try another big name in the vaporizer market and we bought a silver surfer. We got ours from as it came with some nice extras like a storage bag for the vaporizer that allows you to take it with you.

The silver surfer is a well known free standing vaporizer available on the market as a cheaper alternative to the volcano vaporizer. However it does still carry a heavy price tag so its best suited to people who will use it regularily. It features a fully encased heating system which is designed to be easily regulated and tostay at the desired temperature for longer. This causes a very even use of smoking material and creates a controlled release of vapors.

The vaporizer is very nice looking however its not the most discreet item we have ever owned. The vaporizers come equipped with hand made glass marble temperate knobs which add to the beautifully made and designed system. It is a bit complex to figure out how to use at the start but after a few try’s we found that it was much simpler than we originally thought.

The vaporizer smokes very nicely, it gives of a continous stream of vapor that lasts for a lot longer than we expected. We found it incredibly easy to smoke as it had no harshness to the vapor and it allowed us to take our time when smoking it. Its definitely one of the best free standing vaporizers on the market and we highly recommend it. This is best suited to people who want a very nice smoke but don’t want to fork out over £300 pound to get it. Its a community favourite and a favourite of ours as well!

This is a fantastic vaporizer, you really will struggle to find something better for the price that they are available for. Get yours while you can! Have you Tried the silver surfer? Why not leave a comments and let our readers know what you thought.



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9 April 2013

Black Leaf Nautilus

Recently we purchased the Black Leaf Inline Nautilus bong for very nice price from, the bong comes in a straight and lean back version. We bought the straight version and tested it to see how it performed.

Black Leaf bongs are a great glass alternative to the more expensive bongs on the market. The nautilus series of bongs are high quality glass bongs with built in diffusers within the inline system that help the cooling process which results in a much smoother smoke. These are a great series of bongs for those with a limited budget and shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune when looking for a new bong.

The nautilus bongs are slightly smaller than we were expecting, this wasn’t a huge problem for us but it wont suit everyone’s tastes. The bong is an attractive looking product made from high quality glass, the glass is pretty thick but does taper at the joints. The joints don't seem as thick and made us worried we were going to break it but it did prove to be pretty durable.



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Its a bit awkward to clean because of the inline design but we managed to clean it using a bong cleaning solution. The smoke was beautifully smooth and nicely cooled, the built in diffuser really works brilliantly and means you don’t have to purchase a diffuser or pre-cooler. The Black Leaf brand features many other products at reasonable prices and a lot of nice accessory’s. Since its all so affordable it means you can really get a lot of equipment for the same prices as a more expensive bong.

An absolutely brilliant bong for the price, the inline system effectively diffuses the smoke and makes for an incredibly smooth smoke. The only thing that let it down was that it was that it seemed a lot smaller than we were expecting.

4 April 2013

EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong - 250mL

Recently we purchased the EHLE Glass – Ice Cylinder Bong – 250 mL for a cool £32.95, see what we did there. The brand offers high quality glass bongs for affordable prices and shows that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a very nice bong.



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EHLE bongs are high quality borosilicate glass bongs, they are made a very precise standard using computer software to map the produced glass. This means that parts and accessory's will fit you bong perfectly, allowing for a better closed system and therefore a better smoke.

We purchased the EHLE glass ice cylinder 250 mL bong because it was available for a very nice price. The bong is a small scale bong but is still a very nice size allowing for good hits. The bong is also small enough that it can be easily concealed when needed. The glass is a decent thickness meaning that the bong should be quite durable, it seems a lot thicker than the DUDE bong which we previously reviewed. The smoke you get off is nicely cooled and the ice twist means that further cooling could be done, further cooling could also be achieved by adding a pre-cooler which are available at varying prices. The bong was slightly more difficult to clean than the Roor bong but overall didn’t take much effort to keep clean.

Overall this is a very nice bong and we highly recommend it as a cheaper alternative if you can’t afford a Roor bong. The company also sells various attachments for reasonable prices and that are available in different joint sizes. The ability to add a pre-cooler, ash-catcher or simply to change to bowl size is a nice feature and adds to the performance of the brand.

This is a great bong, it cools the smoke well, the ice twist is a nice addition. Its an amazingly cheap price so it shows you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot.

Lets Launch Blastronaut

Its not everyday that you get to experience a new band and instantly become a fan of their work, but it has happened and its thanks to the brilliant Heavy/Stoner Rock band Blastronaut.

After reading about their pledge to help them release their debut album “Burning Mother” we decided we just had to check them out. We might have only been able to listen to a couple of songs but we have already seen the skill and talent these guys have. Check out the rest of the article for an exclusive Question and answer session and our take on the bands music.


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So you probably haven’t heard of Blastronaut and that’s a real fucking shame, it has been a long time since we have heard something so new and exciting that we have actually regained our faith in humanity. This is the sort of music that should be shooting straight up the charts and getting played on the radio all the time. The music industry these days is plagued with untalented so called musicians who are only there because they have big tits and blond hair. Well its time for a change and Blastronaut have got the talent and motivation to show the world what music is really about, its time to help this awesome band reach the top!

Classifying your music as stoner rock can be a risky move as a lot of negative stigma surrounds the genre. However when you get it right, its a powerful symphony of unending riffs and slick melodies. Well this band knows what it is doing and it has launched straight away with some powerful hard hitting songs. They have got their music spot on and some would even say they are already in the big league with some of the biggest name in the stoner rock genre.

We still cant get over how good this band is, they are like a stoner rock meat pie, the crunchy vocals on top with big meaty riffs filling the centre and all being brought together with the thick juicy harmonies. It may be a weird analogy but its true, they have crafted together all the elements we love in music and have taken their first leap towards being truly outstanding! Our favourite song that we have heard so far has to be “synthetic sun”, its an incredibly well made song. The powerful opening is insane and sets up the song perfectly. The vocals are very well suited for the style, they overlay the music brilliantly without drawing to much attraction away from the central riffs. The music might be heavy but the song is delicate with each instruments sound being handcrafted to link perfectly together in the way that works.

If the rest of the album is up to this par then their will be no stopping them on their way to the top. From what we have heard we can honestly say that we are now fans, we cant wait for the album to be released so that we can properly review them and kick back with some awesome music. If you like your heavy rock or metal then you will love these guys, give them a listen and see what you think. Good luck Guys, we hope you make it!

Q: How and when did the band form?
A: 5 individuals were independently drawn toward a silent, magnetic pulse from the centre of the earth that surfaced in Salford.

Q: What made you choose the heavy/ stoner rock genre?
A: a common romance with the blues and meaty riffs, married with visceral chorus' and sleazy melodies.

Q: What was your main reason for forming the band?
A: An inseparable, inexplicable love for writing a riff

Q: Who are your main Musical Influences?
A: Down, Clutch, Buddy Guy, The Melvins

Q: What do you do as a band when your not making music?
A: Drink, fight and cook :|

Q: If you could do a gig at any venue in the world, where would you play?
A: Morgan Freeman's blues bar, along the Mississippi.

Q: What are your Goals for the Future?
A: Release Burning Mother and tour Uk &Europe

Q: As a stoner rock band, what is your stance on legalizing cannabis?
1) All drugs should be legalised, beginning with cannabis as its scientifically proven to neither inhibit or harm the user.
2) it's a plant; of which making one against the law is like saying God made a mistake...
3) it's better for society than binge drinkers; fewer fights in towns and city's (impossible to smoke and fight!), makes listening to Blastronaut a hella-good time!

3 April 2013

Roor 250 Rasta

Recently we decided to purchase a Roor bong as we have heard very good reviews about the brand and wanted to try them out ourselves. We bought the Roor 250 Rasta logo bong for a pretty decent price.



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Roor bongs have a large selection of high quality glass bongs to suit anyone’s needs, we decided to buy the Roor 250 because it was a medium sized glass bong at an affordable price.

The bong is made of very high quality glass with very nice detailing, each bong comes emblazoned with the Roor logo, this was a bright and colourful rasta flag colour scheme.

The bong is a great size for us, it allowed for pretty big hits that were effectively cooled by the glass and water. Its the ideal size for using regularly and we found ourselves using it all the time. The glass is nice and thick as well which makes the bong pretty durable and therefore makes it a good investment.

The great thing about these bongs is the ability to easily add and remove additional attachments such as glass pre coolers. This gives the bongs the ability to be easily upgraded with the components of your choice.

Now their is a down side to the bong, they can be rather expensive in comparison to other bongs but the do make up for it in quality.

This is a brilliant bong, it cools the smoke well, expansion parts can be added easily, overall great smoke.

2 April 2013

Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age are an American rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States, formed in 1996. The Band was formed by Josh Homme after the break up of his previous band Kyuss. Queens of the stone age have been described by many genres, such as stoner rock, hard rock and psychedelic rock. To date they have released a total of 6 albums the most recent being ...Like Clockwork” which was released in June 2013. The band is still going strong and we hope they produce many more great albums in the future. This article covers the first 5 albums with ...Like clockwork having its own review.


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Queens Of The Stone Age (1998)

Queens Of The Stone Age is the self titled debut album for the band, it was released in 1998 on Loosegroove Records. The album carried on the stoner genre from Kyuss but stripped it to its core, the album was written heavily based on the riffs. It still has the fuzzy overtones we expect from the genre but with much more spacey solos. This was a great album but somehow it didn't reach much success commercially.

Our Rating - 8/10

Rated R (2000)

Rated R is the second album released by Queens of the stone age in 2000 on Interscope Records. This album really was the bands breakthrough album and contains some of their best songs. Commercially the album did really well and became highly ranked in the charts worldwide. The album continues the in your face drug themes and remains solidly within the stoner rock genre. The album was much smoother and trippier than the previous but still retaining the heavier rock sound.

Our Rating - 9/10

Songs For The Deaf (2002)

Songs for The Deaf is the third full length studio album released by Queens of the stone age in 2000 on Interscope Records. The album featured many guest musicians such as Dave Grohl, this added a lot of variation and a uniqueness to each song. The album was a huge success gaining a gold record certification. The songs are a mash of riffs and harmonies that somehow come together into some seriously brilliant tracks. Its a masterpiece of the modern age and an album that everyone should have in their collection.

Our Rating - 10/10

Lullabies To Paralyze (2005)

Lullabies to Paralyze is the fourth full length studio release by Queens of the stone age on Interscope Records. The album reached even greater success that the previous, yet we felt it was inferior. Somehow this album had lost the edge that Songs for the Deaf had, but still comes together in a psychedelic mash of stoner rock heaven. Its smooth, its heavy, its generally a great album but it just felt like it was missing something.

Our Rating - 8/10

Era Vulgaris (2007)

Era Vulgaris is the fifth studio album by Queens of the stone age and was released in 2007 on Interscope Records. Again the album was incredibly successful and sold tens of thousands of copies in the first week. The album is again a mash of various artists brought together as one band. The album is an improvement on the previous but didn't quite live up to Songs for the Deaf. It still has the technical skill and attention to detail but overall some of the songs just didn't flow as well.

Our Rating - 9/10