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18 May 2013

The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski (1998) is a film that follows the unfortunate story of Jeff Lebowski a.k.a “the dude”. After being mistaken for the millionaire also called Lebowski the dude goes in search of compensation for his soiled rug and gets roped into a money drop for a kidnap. After a botched money drop things just go from bad to worse for "the Dude". From porn tycoon’s to nihilist’s, the dude is constantly making enemies without meaning to.

The Big Lebowski is a comedy film following the misadventures of “the dude” (Jeff Bridges), a pot smoking slob who passes his time bowling with his friends Walter (John Goodman) and Donny (Steve Buscemi). The film has developed quite a cult following and is commonly acknowledged as one of the greatest films of the past 20 years.



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The Big Lebowski is a film which has always been a favourite of ours, the storyline is brilliant throughout, twisting and turning with ridiculous situations. The film is an honest emotional look at the differences within society and how they clash. The character development is a major part of this films structure, this focus of detail has left a very raw unique feeling film which is truly like no others.

The film is also very visually interesting, featuring random dream sequences that make no sense to the story of the film but help break up the more intense scenes. Although the plot is pushing it at some points, the film retains a fantastic quality throughout. The Big Lebowski really deserves the 9 out of 10 we are giving it because it shows how less can be more and is one of the best films we have ever watched.

4 May 2013

Rolling Kansas

Rolling Kansas (2003) is a is an independent film written and directed by Thomas Haden Church which follows the adventure of a group of friends who go on a journey to find a magical forest of marijuana. The group of friends get a map to the forest of marijuana that’s hidden on government property and decide to take a road trip to solve their financial problems. They meet many people on their journey and constantly get into difficulty, its one fantastic trip.

The film might not have a particularily complex plot or much story development but it makes up for this with its witty humour. Faced with financial troubles and a lack of pot, they embark on a cross country journey to find the marijuana plantation that they have been left a map for.



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The first thing that we noticed about the film is that it feels rather old for being made in 2003, we assume that this was either done as a stylistic approach or a lack of funds in the overall movie budget. The comedy is very much suited to those who enjoy stoner comedies, the jokes are based around ridiculous scenarios which are very often ridiculously over the top. The characters in the film are all pretty well developed, they each have individual quirks that set them aside from the others. The characters really form the backbone of the film and without the effort to make them truely unique the film would have suffered. One of the aspects that really brought the film to life was the script, the dialogue is simply brilliant, each line has perfect timing and had us in stitches.

Even though it lacks a particularily exciting storyline it still manages to hold together as a highly amusing film that is well worth a watch. Rolling Kansas tends to have recieved pretty mixed reviews, it seems that most people who enjoy films such as the work of Kevin Smith tend to like this film but others struggle to grasp the comedies style. We are giving the film 7/10 because it is simple and to the point, they havent tried to hide the lack of plot behind fancy special effects and have instead built on what they had. Overall its extremely amusing but does feel like it is lacking something throughout, we would recommend that this be added to your watch list and we hope that you wont be disapointed.