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25 June 2013

Valhalla Rising

We randomly came across this film recently and were instantly intrigued by the title, however the film is nothing like we expected. If your expecting the clashing of gods in some massive battle for Valhalla then this really isn’t the film for you.

The film was made in 2009 and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, however it feels much more dated than this, its not clear however if this is caused by a lack of funding or if it was done deliberately as a special effect. The film received a very mixed critical review, many critics disliked the film, calling it "unbearable" however others called it a "masterpiece".

So you might be asking yourself, why are you reviewing a film which isn’t a stoner film? Well the answer is simple, its just plain weird and is commonly referenced as the conceived idea of an acid trip. We felt the film therefore deserved a place within our collection. The film is constructed of several segments like the chapters of a book which adds to the suspense of the film, what do the title mean? do the title predict the characters fates? This really adds something to the film and continues the sense of mystery that surrounds it.

The film itself has very little plot that is visible and this likely will put a lot of people off, however once a greater understanding of the characters evolves, the plot becomes clear and carries messages of sacrifice, rage and destiny. The film is very primal in the sense that it has very little scripted dialog and instead uses long slow scenes and clever cinematography to portray the message of the film. Much of the film consists of the characters wandering around and focus’s much more on the psychological aspects of the characters. There is a lot of hidden meanings in the film and its probably speaks in different ways to different people.



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We still do not fully understand the idea behind the film but we are absolutely fascinated by it, its a shame that it was not bigger than it was but we see why many people would not enjoy the film. We gave the film a 7 out of 10 because even though nothing much happens, it is still a brilliant film. We urge anyone who decides to watch the film to stick with it, it may be slow to start but its well worth it by the end. If you can appreciate more to a film than big explosions and ridiculous plot lines then this needs to be added to your watch list.

19 June 2013

The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled

Doug Benson is more than just a comedian, he’s a film maker and noted pot smoker. We have always loved his comedy and we thoroughly enjoyed his first movie ‘Super High Me’ so we got pretty excited when we saw that he had another film out which we hadn’t seen. The naming puns continue with his second movie ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled’ playing on the film ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’, the pun always continues into the plot of the movie.

From what we could gather the movie is about making a movie about going on tour to raise money to make a movie about going on a tour. Its a rather complex notion for us as stoners to get our heads around but we applaud Doug for using a similar plot to that of his parodied movie title.

The film lacks much of a plot unlike ‘Super High Me’ but does continue to feature the laugh out loud comedy genius of Doug Benson. The film takes you backstage as Doug tours with his co-star Graham Elwood and shows what really goes on when you go on the road. The film might not actually be about marijuana but there is no shortage of pot related jokes and scenes of Doug getting high. Much of the film is made up of clips from his stand up shows that he performed at during the tour which are nicely merged with the more up close and personal scenes that make up the rest of the film.



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We are giving the film 7 out of 10 because we do believe it was a good film even if it was so different from his first one. This film is really suited to those who already appreciate Doug’s style of comedy and have already watched his other film. If you don’t know Doug Benson then you should definitely watch his other film and listen to his brilliant podcast ‘Doug loves Movies’ first, otherwise you might struggle to find this an enthralling film to watch. It's fun, it's witty but it can be a bit boring at points, however this doesn't make it a bad film and its still well worth a watch.

7 June 2013

Leaves of Grass

Leaves of grass (2009) isn’t your standard stoner film but it does have the same over the top style found in many stoner films. The film is classed as a comedy film but this seems a strange classification to give to the film because its much more of a drama.

The film is pretty boring for most of the time however everything suddenly kicks off within the space of around 10 minutes. Suddenly the entire film is flipped on its head and becomes rather overdramatically gory for no apparent reason, this really was an odd section of the film.

There is an element of romantic comedy to the film but this is a very minor theme throughout. The film is very well made in some respect, the first time we watched the film, we didn’t realise that both brothers are played by Edward Norton. Its a great example of what can be achieved when proper editing, make up and visual effects are used. This is easily the best feature of the film and if we hadn’t researched the film then we would have still been oblivious to the fact.



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Overall the film is decent, however its not the easiest film to watch while high. The main theme is very much drug related but we would say its a film that can be watched by anyone. Even if your not particularly used to stoner films then you should still find this an interesting watch. We only gave the film a 6/10 simply because we found it rather boring at points and could have had much more going for it.