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Blastronaut - Burning Mother

The debut album by the new stoner/heavy rock band Blastronaut!

DaVinci Vaporizer

Another popular handheld vaporizer, how did the stoned review team get on, click to find out!

John Dies At The End

Its Weird and Creepy, but thats why we love it!

A Scanner Darkly

Look at things from their point of view!

28 July 2013

Easy Vape

Finding a good quality budget vaporizer is a real challenge in the  current market. Well we thought it was time to take a look at a budget  vaporizer and our eyes were instantly drawn to an attractive budget  vaporizer called the Easy Vape. We managed to get our hands on one for  £50 which did seem rather cheap but we thought we would give it a shot.

The vaporizer is very light weight; the main body is constructed  out of plastic which means it doesn’t have the luxury feel of  vaporizers like the volcano. The heating element consists of a glass  column and a whip that has both glass mouthpiece and bowl. On the front  is a digital display and a single control dial, the vaporizer has a  decent heating range that allows effective vaporization of many  different materials.

The vaporizer is incredibly simple to use  and this really adds to its appeal, the system simply needs to be set to  your required temperature and then the filled bowl attached. There is a  few points to note when using the vaporizer however, we found it was  always better to allow five minutes for the vaporizer to reach the  temperature before attaching the whip. We also found that the  temperature had to be set around 10 degrees lower than normal. Otherwise  our smoking mix began to start combusting rather than vaporizing which  ruins the taste a lot.


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The vaporizer was very nice to use and  actually surprised us a lot, once we had figured out the optimum  settings for us it was a pleasure to use. The vaporizer is incredibly  cheap for what you get, overall the vaporizer is just brilliant and we  struggle to mark it down for its few flaws. It has received some bad reviews and that other alternatives exist but we honestly feel that its simply outstanding for the price. The Easy Vape completely  deserves 8/10 because it has opened up the possibility of affordable  quality vaporization.

The Worlds End

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return for the final part of the Cornetto trilogy, in a fully fledged sci-fi film set on a typical British pub crawl. With Shawn of the dead and Hot Fuzz under their belts we knew that their new film “the worlds end” was a film that we just had to see. We took our gear and headed to the comfort of our local cinema.

The film follows the story of Gary King and four of his friends who journey back to Newton Haven, where the plan to reattempt the pub crawl they failed to finish in their youth. However something has changed in the quiet town of Newton Haven and it is up to Gary and his mates to figure out what’s going on.

The film may be set in the sleepy town of Newton Haven but it’s nothing but quiet, it’s a very new and inventive sci-fi and we loved it. We weren’t sure what to expect with the film for its plot had been shrouded in mystery, this mystery continued throughout the film and every twist came as a surprise. The film has been well written and incorporates the perfect balance of comedy and story, the comedy may not be to everyone’s tastes but if you have enjoyed any of their other films then you are bound to love this one.

The film isn’t short of special effects and brilliant cinematography which really help portray the sci-fi element of the film. From Spaced to Paul, Simon Pegg likes to bring cannabis to the forefront of his comedy. It features briefly in the film but is nice to see it not being overdone for once. We highly recommend the film and can’t wait to watch it again. We are giving the film 8 out of 10 because even though it was a brilliant film it did lack the edge of some of their other work.



    4 July 2013

    OCB Black Thinking

    OCB have been making rolling papers for years and have many high quality products on the market. The OCB Black or black thinking edition is a premium rolling paper made by OCB and comes in a huge range from standard size skins to rips and king size papers. We got hold of some king size slim papers and rolled up a few joints to test them out.

    The papers are nice and thin meaning that they don't impart much flavour into the smoke which is a benefit in our eyes. If you like to taste the rolling papers then these are not for you. Theses rolling papers are probably the most thin papers that we have ever tried. Each paper is covered in an OCB watermark which is intended to help the burning process and allows for the papers to burn evenly. We found that this didn't work particularly well but they did burn more evenly than some other brands which offer a similar system.

    The king size slim rolling papers themselves are an excellent choice for rolling with and are now our primary brand of rolling papers. The measure approximately 45 mm by 110 mm, making them the standard size for length. However the papers are not as wide as many other slim sized brands which made us feel very limited in the amount of smoking mixture that we could add.

    Overall the rolling papers are very impressive, we gave the papers 9 out of 10 because we really struggled to find much wrong with them. The biggest let down for us was the width but OCB also offer a standard kingsize set of papers which would be far better suited. These rolling papers really are some of the best around and we highly recommend them to anyone!



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