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Blastronaut - Burning Mother

The debut album by the new stoner/heavy rock band Blastronaut!

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23 August 2013

Burning Mother

Following their successful pledge appeal, Manchesters Heavy/Stoner rock band Blastronaut have now released their debut album Burning Mother, after a few delays we were glad to finally get a chance to sample the bands album. Burning Mother may have been delayed but we are glad they didnt rush the final product and ended up with an album to be proud of. The album features a total of 10 songs and is currently available for download, check out Blastronauts website for more details about getting a copy.

The album opens with Bullet Hoof which has a brilliant start and sets the very heavy tone that the album begins with. Its a hardhitting, aggressive track which shows the power the band can put down, the vocals and instruments work well together and none of the individual elements feel overpowered. This agressive tone continues through the first half of the album before becoming more focussed and less distorted. The final three songs Solar Exodus, Synthetic Sun and Strategy of Buying Blind have to be our favourite 3 songs of the album and nicely wrap up the album.

We felt the album ended and started very much on a high, however the middle of the album seemed to lack the spark that the rest of the songs had. This isn't to say that we didn't enjoy the songs, every song was unique and featured a very nice variation in style.



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Overall its a fantastic debut album from Blastronaut and features many fantastic songs, the band has really managed to show their colours. The songs are full of massive riffs and crunchy vocals which creates great tones throughout. We are giving the album an 8/10 because we think its a great effort and we cant wait to hear more in the future, but for now we hope they enjoy their succesful album launch! This isn't just a great debut album its a great album and will be happily added to our music collection.

21 August 2013


Suspiria (1977) is a classic horror movie which is set in a mysterious ballet academy. The main character Suzy Bannion arrives at the ballet school late at night as another girl runs from the building, creating a premonition of what is to come. The film follows Suzy as she slowly unravels the horrors behind the mysterious murders and events that keep on happening. The Academy is not what it seems at all, hidden within is a coven of evil witches who will do anything to protect their secret.

Suspiria is commonly referred to as director Dario Argento's masterpiece, and it is easy to see why. The film is an intense watch, the suspense it controlled by the epic music and quickly you feel drawn into the feel of the film. Suspiria might have been made in 1977 but it didn't fail to send shivers down our spines, it really shows how classic horror films are far scarier than modern titles which just rely on fancy visual effects.

There was a remake planned at one point however it fell through, we do feel however that this is a great film and a remake would not have had the same edge. This is a prime example of what film should be about, it shouldn't be about who can make the bigger explosion but how a film makes you feel and that's whats Suspiria is all about. The story of the film is pretty simple but still leaves you wondering what just happened, its like some sort of living nightmare where the characters know something isn't right but can do nothing about it.



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We think this is a fantastic film to watch high, simply because the bright colours, intense music and general horror overtones. Its a unique horror film that leaves you feeling like you have faced some of things yourself, therefore we are giving the film 8/10. If you haven't seen the film before then we can't think of anything better to recommend for your watching pleasure.

8 August 2013

...Like Clockwork

So we noticed the massive influx of views for our Queens of the Stone Age review and this is an obvious result of their newest album clockwork. Released on June 4, the album has left a trail of success reaching the highest chart position they have achieved for any album. ...Like Clockwork is the sixth study album released by the band and features a wide selection of contributing artists. Joey Castillo was replaced during recording by Dave Grohl who has contributed to the band’s music previously.  With the vast amount of artists working on the album we knew it was going to be a great piece of music. We cranked up the volume on our speakers and got ready to enjoy.

The album opens with ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’ a song which seems to make no sense until the vocals are brought in. Continuously changing tempo and style ‘Keep your Eyes Peeled’ effectively portrays the bands vast creativity straight off the bat. Our personal favourite then follows on, ‘I sat by the Ocean’ is just full of gorgeous almost melting guitar riffs and is balanced perfectly throughout. The entire album is full of really great songs each unique from the last but still holding onto that classic Queens of the Stone Age feel.

Most bands these days just slap together an album of songs without interest in how they all work together, however Queens of the Stone Age have done something truly great. The songs are laid out in such a way that the harder more emotionally driven songs are followed by higher tempo more uplifting songs. The 6 year gap since Era Vulgaris has played to the strengths of the band, it gave them the room to experiment and create a great album as a result. We really love this album and just had to score it as we did with Songs for the Deaf with an outstanding 10/10.



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