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13 September 2013

Roor Rolling Papers

Roor are a well known company for their glass bongs but not so well know for other products, we recently came across their range of rolling papers and decided to give them a try. The rolling papers have recently become widely available on many different websites including so we thought we should give them a try.

The papers are advertised as an ultrathin rolling paper that is both tasteless and low emission. The papers come in a range of shapes and sizes, from regular sized smoking papers to kingsize papers, therefore however you plan to use them their is an option for you. The rolling papers sound perfect but we wondered if they would live up to all that we were promised.

The papers come as standard, 33 leaves in the kingsize packs and 50 in the regular. We bought a packet of regular skins and kingsize skins to try them out as papers for cigarettes and for when you want something extra. The standard papers are great for those who regularly use papers thinner than green rizla. They do not have any taste to them when smoking unlike the thinner rizlas which was nice for us and we will happily switch to these as our main rolling papers. The slow burning nature of the papers is also a very good feature, it means that even when your tobacco is a bit dry it wont burn uncontrollably.



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The Kingsize papers are very well proportioned, some papers often leave a lot of unused paper which can often ruin the taste however with these there is literally no taste at all. This means that no matter how thick or thin you roll your smoke it will still taste great. Again the slow burning skins helped when drier materials are used.

Unfortunately there are problems to address, we noticed that the papers tend to burn sideways a lot more than some of there similar competitors. However don't be disheartend the papers are actually cheaper than most other brands such as raw papers so its really up to the consumer if they want quantity or quality. Taking everything into account we decided to give these papers a 9/10, if it wasn't for the burning problem then they easily would have been given a perfect 10.

These papers when bought online commonly come with a free Roor ashtray when bought in packs of 10 or 50, this is a nice wee additional bonus you can get but we would suggest that you test them first.