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11 October 2013


Mirage is the 2nd album released by Camel and is a stunning piece of music history, it may have been released in 1974 but it still stands strong as one of their best albums. After finding the original vinyl pressing in our favourite music store we decided it was perfect for our collection and quickly snapped it up. The album marked the point in which the band really became their own and found their very distinctive sound. The smooth rhythmic tones flow through each song creating more than just a collection of random songs, it’s a master crafted piece of musical art. The album has so many influences and different styles that it really surprised us at times, they managed to hold it all together with so much going on.

The album opens with “Freefall” and begins the descent into the weird and wonderful world that Camel have created. “Freefall” is a great opening song, it’s full of twists and turns each little crystals of brilliance that tie the whole thing together. The third song on the A-side is actually three which form a sort of story, like the multiple parts of an Epic Poem. The song is considered one of the best on the album and takes influence from Tolkein’s world. The song shows the full range of Camels instrumental skill and their need to experiment with the music that they play.



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The B-side is also brilliant, “Lady Fantasy” is a brilliant example of saving the best song for last, its a fantastic mental journey that keeps on going. The cover art for the album makes more sense the more you listen to it, a desert rock theme runs through the album peppered with constant trance like moments, it really portrays the album well and seems to show their thought process. We think this is easily one of the best albums that Camel have ever made, we really loved the difference it made listening to it on vinyl and urge others to listen to it this way, the album thoroughly deserves the 10/10 that we are giving it.

7 October 2013


You might not have heard of camel and we think that's a shame, every time we introduce someone to their music they cant believe that they haven't heard of them before. For those who don't know Camel are a progressive rock band formed in England in 1971, the band are still going strong after several break-ups and line up changes over the years. Camel have played on many labels over the years and only Andrew Latimer has remained a constant member.


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1973 – Camel -7/10-
1974 – Mirage -10/10-
1975 – The Snow Goose -9/10
1976 – Moonmadness -10/10-
1977 – Rain Dances -9/10-
1978 – Breathless -7/10-
1979 – I Can See Your House from Here -6/10-
1981 – Nude -7/10-
1982 – The Single Factor -4/10-
1984 – Stationary Traveller -7/10
1991 – Dust and Dreams -7/10-
1996 – Harbour of Tears -7/10-
1999 – Rajaz -8/10-
2002 – A Nod and a Wink -8/10-

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They have a style that isn't afraid to push the boundaries of music and simply produce brilliant and unique tracks. They have released 14 studio albums in total along with many live albums, DVDs and compilation albums. Their music is ideal for any stoners music library and we feel they are far too under appreciated. Each album is unique in its own way drawing influence from many sources, success has been very mixed across their career with some albums being hailed as greats and others seen as failures.