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27 August 2014

420 Glass Mini Spoon Pipe

While we aren’t the biggest fans or users of pipes, we decided to give a glass pipe a go. The 420 Glass Spoon pipe manufactured by 420 Glass caught our attention due to its attractive look and relatively low price. The company offers up a tasty selection of glass pipes ranging in price from £10 to £20. For £12 we got our hands on one of the cheaper pipes, a mini spoon pipe at around 8cm long.

The pipe is an attractive mini spoon pipe with colours running through it. The pipe is relatively light and is relatively compact. All the pipes in the collection are made from high quality borosilicate glass which is noticeable in the build quality. It feels nice and sturdy and is relatively easy to handle which surprised us, seeing as it’s one of the cheaper products in the range.


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The bowl is a good size for such a small pipe at around 2cm across and equally deep, this allows for a couple of good hits with each use. The hole at the base of the pipe is larger than other similar priced pipes, which helped pull through more of the smoke but also means that larger buds are required for a solid base.

It’s relatively smooth to smoke, however we noticed it got considerably hotter than longer pipes. This caused some hits to feel much bigger than they were and made the overall experience less enjoyable. It still smokes considerably well for the price, and has actually led us to enjoy pipes again after a long break.

Overall it’s a fantastic mini pipe which we would highly recommend trying even if you’re new to pipes. In the past we have had a rather dim opinion of pipes however this little pipe has helped change our minds. It’s easy to use and the entire range provides some pretty decent value for money. We are giving it a 7/10 since we would have preferred the hole to be a little smaller and the hot burning was a slight issue. If you have found this review helpful or have something to say then why not leave a comment below.

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