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20 August 2014

aLeda Transparent Papers

After receiving a box of new goodies we decided to try the product which we were most curious about first. The Aleda transparent papers caught our attention due to them being something pretty different. They are made from 100% cellulose, making them completely transparent and appear like some type of plastic. Don’t worry though it’s completely safe to smoke, just something very different from your usual experience.

The papers come in king size with 40 per packet, the size of the papers is the standard king size length but is much narrower than comparable papers. They also do not have a section of gum as it doesn’t seem necessary for their use. This means that you can’t get the papers back to front or upside down, they will stick no matter which point you use to seal.

The papers aren’t the easiest things to roll, they come as a flat sheet without the groove, making loading them up a bit more difficult. The papers also like to curl away from you as your trying to fill it, making it less rigid than would be liked. They do stick well however and felt a bit more substantial than standard papers once rolled.

Smoking wise the papers are strange, they burn very slowly meaning that it takes you longer to finish and you don’t waste as much. They give off very little taste so are actually pleasant to smoke but they do leave a horrible taste on your lips. Since they are made from cellulose, they are also 100% biodegradable and won’t dissolve in the rain.



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Overall they are decent papers but the increased difficulty in rolling really let them down. It was something interesting and different to try but we won’t be using them regularly. We feel that they deserve a score of 6/10 for surprising us, but didn’t stand up to the job.

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