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23 August 2014

Blood Lust


Often considered as the breakthrough album for Uncle Acid & the deadbeats, Blood Lust brings back the classic fuzz of Doom metal and more recent vibes of Stoner Rock. It’s a call back to the 1960’s emerging heavy metal scene with the familiar heavy fuzz of doom. Blood Lust reached a high level of critical acclaim with many praising it’s almost evil feel and harrowing style.

Opening with I’ll cut you down perfectly sets the bar for the entire album. The long intro sets the pace, while the ever evolving sequence of riffs cleverly helps you flow into what is to come. While the opening song is probably the best on the album, it doesn’t mean the rest are any sort of let down. The rest of the songs continue the hauntingly delightful tone with a strong psychedelic influence. Many other influences are also notable such as strong stoner rock tones and early heavy metal.

If it’s your first experience with Uncle Acid & the deadbeats, you might find the vocals slightly strange. However the more you listen to the music, the more you will appreciate how it fits perfectly with the almost supernatural tones. The guitar riffs are just brilliant, while most of the time the compliment the flow, sometimes they cut through with a sharp solo that only enhances the music.



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Overall Blood Lust is a fantastically constructed album. The fuzzy tone gives it a classic unrefined feel which is truly great to hear. We only discovered the band recently and are already hooked, often going back to revel in the harrowing tones. We highly recommend the album and are pleased to give it an 8/10. Why not drop a comment and let us know what you thought of the album.

Album Info

Styles: Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock, Acid Rock

1. I'll Cut You Down 5:01
2. Death's Door 7:15
3. Over and Over Again 3:21
4. Curse in the Trees 4:39
5. I'm Here to Kill You 3:41
6. 13 Candles 6:59
7. Ritual Knife 4:44
8. Withered Hand of Evil 6:15
9. Down to the Fire (bonus) 5:29


  1. Just listened to this album for the first time and its awesome! personally would have given it a 9/10 though

    1. Glad you liked the album, be sure to check out our music page for more great music


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