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28 August 2014

Cash Crop

With difficult economic turns and the loss of many important industries, does Marijuana hold the key to the new success? Cash Crop (2010) is a documentary which examines the growing industry of marijuana on the west coast of America. Featuring interviews with personal, medical and cash crop growers, the documentary takes a look at why people decide to grow and how the current laws are causing more harm than good.



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Straight from the go, the film gives off a highly anti prohibition feel and continues this throughout the film. It make an attempt to look at the other perspective with interviews with law enforcement, but still swings it back to a heavily pro cannabis film. While we support and agree with much of what is being said, we still feel that it would have been more successful if it was a little less one sided.

One thing that the film manages to portray well is how public perception of the drug trade is often heavily skewed by the media and negative propaganda. It shows how the drug trade is much closer to home than is often though and how much of it doesn’t actually involve violence or dangerous criminals.

The growers interviewed vary to a huge degree, from those who grow organic cannabis for medical purposes to those who do it simply for the money. This helps to gives a slightly different perspective on what is commonly considered to be true. True to its title the documentary explores the economics behind the cannabis trade and how it is helping to support failing economies in some areas. It shows how cannabis could become the next major cash crop and help beef up the overall economy of the country.

Overall we feel that it’s a well made documentary which explores the world of growing cannabis effectively. Although the film isn’t likely to change the minds of those who support prohibition, it still provides a different light on the drug trade and how it affects people. We are giving the documentary a 6/10 since it failed to provide the impact that it could have. What did you think of the documentary, why not let us know below.

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