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19 August 2014

DMT - The Spirit Molecule

The spirit molecule, it's within all of us! DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010) is an in depth documentary film about the naturally occurring psychedelic which is found in a vast number of plants and animals. The documentary takes a look into the science behind the drug, what happens during a trip and the life changing effects it can leave behind. Featuring many experts on the drug, it attempts to bring the much undisclosed truth to light.

Creating a successful documentary about such a psychedelic couldn’t have been a task, when its existence is so unknown in our cultures. However the way in which the film approached the subject was very well executed. It carries a logical look at the drug by first explaining the chemistry behind where the compound comes from and how it reacts in the body. It effectively showed how it forms in biology and why it can be found in such a vast array of nature.

The next section was a look into how the drug actually affects a person that had used it and just how potent it can be. This section was very well done and faced the challenge of moving from the science to the spirituality of the drug. Some of the volunteers from human DMT testing were used in order to explain the sort of spiritual sensations and how it became coined as the spirit molecule. The test subjects ranged from those with very little experience to full on psychonauts, this gave a good sense of reality to the film.



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The crossover between the subjects of science and spirituality was well done by the fact that it doesn’t see one as more important the other. They are equally interesting and the balance made it easier to keep your interest in what was being discussed. It makes a pretty strong standpoint as well about the prohibition of drugs especially when they have some sort of medical benefit or scientific value.

Overall it’s a very well made documentary, which successfully manages to make itself understood even to those of us with very little interest in psychedelics. We feel that it deserves an 8/10 for being a genuinely interesting watch. We highly recommend giving it a watch, even if you don’t look at the subject of drugs very often.

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