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22 August 2014

Elements Rolling Papers Review

Elements rolling papers are a well established brand, but a brand we had yet to try ourselves. The rolling papers were slightly unusual for us since they are made from rice paper instead of the usual hemp or paper. They come in various sizes for whatever you’re rolling needs, also available are packets with attached roach tips.

We got ourselves a packet of king Size slim for a pretty reasonable price and got down to rolling. Each packet of Elements rolling papers comes with 32 leaves per pack, which is pretty standard for king size papers. They also use a natural gum which is pretty effective at keeping the papers together once rolled.

Overall the papers are pretty easy to roll with, being a good size in both length and width. This allows for a pretty decent amount of whatever you are smoking to be packed and don’t leave much excess paper if you want a thinner smoke. The gum sticks well and keeps together during the smoking process, a problem we have had with a few brands. With the papers being so thin, we did have our concerns that they might tear when used. However they were actually a lot more sturdy than first thought.

They have very little, to no taste when smoked, which is a good benefit for us and those who don’t like a strong tasting paper. They burn perfectly with no noticeable issues such as burning sideways, although they do tend to burn a bit faster than other papers.



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Overall they are a very high quality rolling paper that would suit most people’s needs. The papers are well proportioned and are easy to roll with. The only issue we had was that they tended to burn faster than we would have liked and made us feel like we might have wasted some of our smoking mix. We have decided to give the papers a 9/10 and would highly recommend giving them a go if you like low taste papers.

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