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17 August 2014

Its a Filthy World!

It’s a filthy world we live in yet it’s often beyond our sight. Filth (2013) goes on a tour of corruption, greed and drugs in the raw adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel. Take a look at life through the eyes of Bruce, a detective who deals his own brand of justice. As his past and present begin to unravel, he must face some rather unnerving truth’s which could destroy his life.

This film is nothing but a commentary of the dark side of human emotion and how things aren’t always as we perceive them. The film has an intriguing plot which will leave you guessing at how it will end, yet you are bound to still be surprised. The twists in the plot are beautifully implemented into the film in such a way, that you will be left guessing until the last minute.

Creating the character of Bruce can’t have been easy with the complex flaws and emotions that he has to deal with. However, James McAvoy did an outstanding job at presenting the character how he was meant to be. The other characters in the film while being less important, were still well cast and added perfectly to the mash of dark humour.

There is heavy drug use, sex and violence in the film which perfectly complemented the persona of Bruce. Some people might not appreciate these themes, but they were necessary in order to add context to the film. Having not read the book before seeing the film, we didn’t know what to expect and were blown away by the depth of it all.



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Overall it’s an absolutely outstanding film which we thoroughly enjoyed. All the boxes were ticked, the film was well balanced and provided a perfect example of how to adapt a novel. We are giving the film 10/10, a score that we don’t give out lightly, but it is well deserved. As with most of Irvine Welsh’s novels, the films tend to gain more of a cult classification. This time however we feel that it was a fantastic choice for a film and will hopefully lead to the mainstream exposure that it deserves.

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