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1 August 2014

John Dies At The End

The witty, perplexing and downright weird John Dies at the End (2012) is one of those hidden gems we occasionally come across. Based on the novel by David Wong, it takes a walk on the wild side of drugs by throwing the protagonist straight in at the deep end in this mind-bending Sci-fi adventure. Don Coscarelli brings the story to life with a fantastic piece of cinematography which may have missed some of the action of the books but successfully produced a result worthy of the books quality. The film is presented in a very much comical style however it doesn't fail to present the deep philosophical questions that reality has to offer by questioning the very ground of reality itself.

"Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye late at night, but when you turn to look, nothing's there? What if something really was there, and you gained the ability to see those beings?"

This perfectly sums up the film in every way; it’s a trip into delirium where hallucinations become so real they can hurt you. This idea is carried perfectly throughout the film and leaves you wondering what if it’s all true. Overlapping realities, time distortions and parallel universes are the order of business, some pretty big concepts to consider and it is pulled off in a way we can't really explain.

The monologues in the film are absolutely brilliant, they add a real depth and help to properly explain the character emotions. Some of them are very complex, making the film a little confusing at points but often displays a logic that helps shape the plot. This is backed up by the fantastic characters that are portrayed in such a way that the plot twists are unexpected and enthralling.



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Even though we loved this film, we have to mark it down for a few niggles we had with the film. Some of the characters just didn’t have the same zing as the rest and even though it was usually minor characters it still lowered our enjoyment down a little. Other issues such as special effects also didn’t really live up to the rest of the film. Even saying that we have to applaud Don for his adaptation of the novel and bringing it to life in a unique way. Overall the film thoroughly deserves an 8/10 and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

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