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18 August 2014

Seven Psychopaths

Trying to write a screenplay isn’t always that easy, especially when a gangster’s on your tail. Seven Psychopaths (2013) follows the story of Marty, a struggling screenwriter who ends up a part of the criminal underworld. His idea is to bring to life the story of seven psychopaths. However when he hits a creative block, he begins to focus on some real life psychopaths for inspiration. When his friend kidnaps a gangster’s dog, he is going to find out that psychopaths are not so hard to find.

The plot of the film is pretty interesting by being a film about writing the film that you are watching. This might seem a bit confusing but it’s relatively easy to get into and enjoy the finished film. There are a few twists in the story which are pretty obvious but intriguing none the less. The individual story lines which are seen earlier in the film, do in the end collate into a single plot and worked well to diversify the movie.

The actual psychopaths are pretty interesting characters, they are all uniquely different and their stories are thought provoking and engaging. There is a good combination of main and side characters in the film and focusing on the side characters in the way that it did, played to the movies strengths.

It film is very funny but not in the standard set up, punch line style. It’s much more contextually humorous with the odd joke thrown in. Some of the scenes didn’t particularly feel all that necessary for bringing the story to life and could have been implemented better. One of these was the point where they take peyote. This could have been made much better if they had expanded its influence on all the characters rather than just the one.



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Overall it’s a brilliant film that balanced its character and plot perfectly to create a truly terrific film. Even though there was the odd scene which didn’t really live up to the rest of the film it was still a fascinating watch. What the film manages to do well, is to stay light hearted despite the darker themes which it portrays. We feel that the film deserves an 8/10 and would highly recommend watching it!

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