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16 August 2014

The Tripper

Are you hallucinating or is Ronald Reagan really after your head. The Tripper (2006) is a comedy horror about a deranged killer who targets hippies. A group of friends are on their way to a rock and roll concert in the woods. With a van full of drugs and the festival to look forward to, the group are in high spirits until people begin to disappear. Much worse is to come as all hell breaks loose when the killer comes to the party. It’s a dark and bloody mess which you are bound to remember.

The film has a pretty basic plot which expands very little on the stories of the characters, not that his is uncommon with the horror genre. The little bit of back story provides a slight insight into the killers mind but nothing significant. The really violent sections of the film are not until near the end of the film with the rest being a terrible attempt to give purpose to the character.

That brings us nicely onto the point of the characters. The film fails to build up any sort of connection with the characters, meaning that you don’t really care what happens to any of them. This tends to happen in a lot of horror films, but there is still always a few characters you can create a connection with.



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There are a few nice touch’s with the film such as the political connections it draws, there is something almost poetic in his hatred for the hippies and yet the obsession with Reagan. There isn’t exactly much comedy in the film and it’s not exactly scary, but manages to be a dark twisted horror.

Overall the film is average, not a lot of particularly good scenes and has a pretty loose plot. We did find the film strangely enjoyable however and didn’t regret watching it. As such, we are going to give the film a 5/10 for being an interesting idea and something a bit different. There is no shortage of blood and gore in this film so you better not be squeamish.

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