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26 August 2014

This Is The End

When the apocalypse comes, you better keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This is the end (2013) is a comedy film featuring a cast of well known American comedians as fictional versions of themselves. While partying at James Franco's new house, the group of actors are caught up in the apocalypse and it seems that they aren't as good as they thought. After being denied entry to heaven, they must group together to survive the perils of their new world.



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Even though the film takes another look at the overdone idea of the apocalypse, it somehow managed to do it well and in a unique way. While the story might not be all that new, they did successfully manage to make it their own with the comedic twists. The story does plateau fairly early on but manages to pick up pace again nearer the end.

One of our favourite aspects of the film was definitely the fictional versions of the real actors. This provided the best of the comedy, with them slagging each other off and talking about their movies. While some of the characters are made out to be exactly how you would expect them to be. Others are put across as completely extroverted which led to some pretty funny situations and events.

The comedy isn’t particularly clever at any point and is mostly the in your face jokes that we have come to know the actors for. We aren’t saying it’s a bad thing. It still manages to be a very funny film. It’s just that the jokes feel very familiar and we wonder how much more they can do before it starts to lose its edge.

Overall it’s a brilliantly funny comedy that is perfectly suited for when you want to watch something a bit stupid and over the top. The characters where the highlight of the film and provided the majority of the comedy. We are going to give the film a 7/10 for giving us a good laugh but we do feel more could have been done with it. What did you think of the film? Why not let us know by dropping a comment below.

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