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21 August 2014

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Review

Sometimes looks can be very misleading! Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010) is a comedy horror film directed by Eli Craig about two friendly hillbillies who are mistaken for viscous killers. A group of college kids looking for a place to chill out for the weekend get more than they bargained for when the mistakenly assume that Tucker and Dale are deranged killers. Meanwhile the two best buds want to do nothing but drink some beer, go fishing and fix up their new vacation home.

There isn’t much to the story except the classic tale of being misunderstood, however the film does take a rather hilarious and messy twist on this predicament. The film starts out with the two main groups of characters having their own story which later converge. This helped to increase the tension and show the true nature of the characters. The first scene of the film is also a bit of an oddity, it didn’t really seem to have any point and wasn’t really explained.

Tucker and Dale were definitely the highlight characters of the film. We do tend to dislike very stereotypical characters. However they were very well done and made it all the more funny. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the other characters, they were a bit stale and we really didn’t care about what happened to them. The only real positives that they provided were their grizzly ends and the contrast they had with Tucker and Dale.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Review



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It’s very much a parody horror, with classic horror themes tied into the overall comedic feel. Although it can’t exactly be called family friendly, it does provide a lighter take on the horror genre. This means that even if you aren’t partial to horror films in general, you will still be able to sit and enjoy the film.

Overall it’s a brilliantly funny film which we thoroughly enjoyed. We particularly enjoyed the parody set up and combination of characters. We went into the film, expecting it to be terrible since the description made it sound a bit like a B-movie, but we were happily wrong. We feel the film well deserves an 8/10, it might not be the best film ever but it’s certainly fun and easy to watch.

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